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Ecstasy swoons on the radio, plus pimp documentation and flag desecration

This suspicion was confirmed when the Bitch was told the following tale:

On June 5, Florida International University graduate student Nicole Vaughan took her mother, Elaine Hinds, to MIA. Hinds, a native of Jamaica, had suffered a mild heart attack the previous month, but her doctors cleared her to travel only if she took it easy. With that in mind, Vaughan arranged to have a wheelchair meet her mother at the curb and take her to the gate for her US Airways flight to Norfolk, Virginia.

Vaughan dropped off her mom, made sure the wheelchair was there, and checked the luggage. Goodbyes were said.

Hard to understand, what a hell of a man; this cat of the slum had a mind, wasn't dumb
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Hard to understand, what a hell of a man; this cat of the slum had a mind, wasn't dumb


"I thought everything was okay, everything was going as planned," Vaughan recalls.

Not exactly. The attendant wheeled Hinds to the security checkpoint and then walked away. Twenty minutes later, when the wheelchair attendant failed to return, Hinds grew nervous about making her flight and decided to walk to the gate.

"She was getting winded and taking breaks, sitting down along the way," Vaughan says. Hinds barely made it to her gate for her flight. By the time she boarded the plane, she felt sick. "She was weak and nauseated," Vaughan says. "She got sick three times on the plane."

US Airways representatives wouldn't comment to The Bitch, nor have they responded to Vaughan's written complaint.

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