Letters from the Issue of June 29, 2006

Donít shake your ass at clubs to Sean Paul if youíre "repulsed at menís bulgesĒ

In closing, just this reminder: Jesus was a Jew! Shalom! Oh, and keep the faith — to yourself!

Harvey Slavin

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Homos

A queer sense of entitlement: Regarding Forrest Norman's "Wedding Trasher" (June 15): Like it or not, mainstream Christianity by and large does not approve of homosexuality. Private businesses do have the right to refuse service. Your attempted humiliation of this business owner for exercising his right not to serve them is exhibiting the same kind of intolerance you are editorializing against. While I feel sorry for Misses Waters and Villagra for going through what they went through, they should know that there are many wedding-invitation providers on Miracle Mile, and even some that cater to the gay community. All this has exposed is the petulant insistence that some in the gay community feel that they must be praised or accepted or they'll label people "homophobic." Sometimes life isn't fair. I learned that in the third grade, and I have a feeling Misses Waters and Villagra might need that lesson.

Heather P.

Senses Working Overtime

Oranges and lemons: In reference to "Target Demographic" by The Bitch (June 1): The term Hispanic is an improper language usage, is ignorance, and an insulting adjective to refer to a group of people. Furthermore, they have not been questioned about their opinion on the subject.

The etymology is from the Latin hispanicus, from Hispania, meaning the Iberian Peninsula, better known as Spain. "Hispanola" is the name given by the conquistadors to the island shared by Haiti and Dominican Republic. The name is official to this day.

Sometimes the idea of conspiracy doesn't sound so farfetched. How do Latin American people and Latin American descendents living in the U.S. especially end up being labeled Hispanic as a group? It is a new meaning, an imposed language usage.

To call ourselves Hispanic is to imply that we owe our culture and roots to Spain solely, that we are basically a spur of that country, and that we should name ourselves as such because we owe to Cortez and his herds recognition and gratitude for having done us the favor of "colonizing" our countries and taking us out of our "animalistic" state of being.

Many would probably complain and raise up their voices to say that what they really did was to kill brutalized and oppressed human beings in a most savage way and to destroy in the most brutal manner wonderful cultures and cities of grandiosity they never saw in Europe. That is why many feel offended to be called Hispanic. Marketers take notes.

The terms "Latin countries," "Latin languages," and thus "Latin people" are derived from the common root language: LATIN, the base of French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Haitian languages. Kreyol, by the way, is a full-blown language as well — not a patois as most people believe.

Latin is a more appropriate term and we use it because it implies the complexity that makes up our culture, our Latin culture.

How about a poll, New Times? Let's hear what the community has to say.

One good point for the sweet canine: her review of the Andalucian Festival, which was hilarious! But her reporting about Haitian music and art a few weeks ago was a great disservice and an outrage. You will hear about it!

Pavel Claudio Patino


An incorrect date was provided for the interview with Stephen Brooks in "Local Boy Makes Food" (June 22). It took place June 5.

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