Letters from the Issue of June 29, 2006

Donít shake your ass at clubs to Sean Paul if youíre "repulsed at menís bulgesĒ

Tranquil No More

A parent's remorse: Joanne Green's "Rough Love" (June 22) article was compelling, moving, heart-wrenching — excellent reporting.

Green wrote a story that brought me to tears. Over the past six years I have read more than 200 articles on WWASPS. Some are excellent, some are vague, but hers was not only informative — it was chilling. The ending totally knocked the wind out of me and moved me to tears.

As a parent who was defrauded by WWASP, I have a daughter who was abused by them — I have fought hard to bring the awareness to other parents so they won't make the same mistakes we did.

Thank you for allowing her to be a voice for so many that are silenced. Two thumbs up for Joanne Green!

Sue Scheff

A call for action: I thought this article by Joanne Green, "Rough Love," is a good start to help educate the public about what is happening there in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Please take a moment to understand that the kids at Tranquility Bay are just that: kids.

I would like to recommend that you provide a link to ISAC Corporation in future articles, if any. The Website address is www.isaccorp.org. There is a wealth of factually based information about TB and the other WWASPS facilities there. In your article, you mentioned something about the BBC. In fact, the BBC did not release their story in the USA because of a deal they made with WWASPS to "keep it under wraps," so to speak. The same kind of deal exists with the French film. This is a huge story that needs to be told in as many venues as possible. The State Department, Attorney General, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and other agencies refuse to act upon reports, complaints, and overwhelming evidence that serious problems exist at TB and other WWASPS facilities. I hope that you will expand your reporting of this issue as soon as possible.

William Earnshaw Sr.
Midland, Virginia

Shake It Like a Saltshaker

You get what you ask for: Yeah.... Haulovers is the hot new kick-it spot! That's my initial response to your original hipster spill of a club review ("Rampage: Haul On Over," June 15). According to your review, this club has an incredibly ill black homo night (true!). And a house night on Fridays.... My only question after laughing at how Jamaican cock repulsed you is what were you expecting? At reggae and hip-hop clubs that's how they dance. I'll admit now you did seem to have an extraordinary case of wackass niggaitis.... Which was hilarious, but the cadence of your article seemed to insinuate that you knew that spot was garbage from the moment you agreed to do the article.... Maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe you need to step outside of your realm as a standup comic and write articles on spots that are actually good places to chill. If you need help finding, just ask. Until then, thanks for the comedy.

P.S. Don't shake your ass at clubs to Sean Paul if you're "repulsed at men's bulges" 'cause that's about all you're going to be feeling behind you.... Me and my boys were laughing off of that one. Thanks, Camille.

Roderick Deal

Cheese and Rice!

Latter-Day Saints debate theological history: Francisco Alvarado has done a lot of work and has produced a good "hands-on" description of Mormon missionary work in his story "Sidewalk Salvation" (June 15). Of course it is hard to describe something as new and complex as Mormonism without making any errors, but the only one serious enough to be reported comes from his reliance on a disaffected member from North Carolina who is simply uninformed about attempts to explain the origins of the Book of Mormon, among other things. She relied on the 160-year-old and constantly repeated claim that the Book of Mormon was somehow derived from an unpublished manuscript by Solomon Spaulding. That theory had some surface plausibility until the actual Spaulding manuscript showed up — more than one hundred years ago — in the University of Hawaii archives in a collection of nineteenth-century papers. Because there is so little resemblance between the two, even the most assiduous anti-Mormons have stopped using that theory. The current status of this debate is that every theory that has been advanced to this point to explain the origins of the Book of Mormon differently than Joseph Smith explained them has proven rather obviously inadequate, and none has garnered general support from even a small percentage of informed anti-Mormons or scholars.

Noel Reynolds

The opiate of the masses: While I give Francisco Alvarado credit for digging deep into the hocus-pocus of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the story "Sidewalk Salvation" was about five pages too long.

After all, all he had to say was his topic was about a brand of "organized religion" — pick any one — and add these words: It's all bullcrap meant to fleece the moronic masses out of their hard-earned money while using scare tactics to keep them from murdering their fellow religious loonies.

I do give the Mormon freaks Alvarado wrote about credit for trying to convert the weakest and poorest among us —Haitians — from Christianity to Mormonism (Why not the Jews?).

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