The Prodigy

Still a teen, Jordan Davis has recorded nearly a dozen albums

"I did all of the talking to everybody," she explains. "I did the CDBaby, Amazon. He trusts that I'll get the job done."

Though Davis had to raise about $7500 by selling beats to cover album costs, he doesn't doubt his remaining beat collection will provide similar funds for printing and releasing future records.

"He's done hundreds of songs, but he has thousands of beats," Rosario says.

Jordan Davis: "It can kind of drive you crazy to be surrounded by music all day, every day"
natalia rosario
Jordan Davis: "It can kind of drive you crazy to be surrounded by music all day, every day"


Jordan Davis's recordings are available through and Visit or e-mail nrosa004@fiu. edu for more information.

Lately, however, Davis has taken a break from beats and has taken up the Beatles, listening to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and recording rock music.

"If I hear music and I like it, no matter what kind of music, I want to make it myself," he says.

Though he has recorded 70 rock songs, Davis doesn't feel ready to release a rock album yet (but he assures one will be released by year's end). And he still has many other goals he'd like to meet.

"I want to start my own movement just based on my own music; I want to build my own studio; I want to start my own label; I want to do everything."

Despite his rampant recording, Davis has yet to perform live.

"I'm all about visuals," he explains. "When I do eventually start doing shows, I want to make sure I have the budget to make my performance like a musical play."

In the meantime, he will continue recording, producing, and immersing himself in his music.

"I look back on all my old work and I'm disgusted by it," he says. "I don't want to look back; I'm always trying to reinvent myself."

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