Inherit the Worth

Political icon and saint Carrie Meek is a lobbyist juggernaut

Heyman assured Moss that the arrangement was above board and had been vetted by the county attorney's office. "That's why I brought it up for discussion," she said. A month later the committee forwarded the Meek/Abrams contract to the full county commission, which approved it unanimously this past May 9.

During a recent interview, Heyman defended her actions, which are being reviewed by the Miami-Dade inspector general. "I believe they can help maximize our return," she said. "Mike is good on Medicare and Medicaid. Meek sat on Appropriations. If we don't use them by October 1, the money rolls back to the general fund."

Meanwhile, Meek affirmed her abilities to give the county its money's worth. "I am experienced, I am quite prepared to give and share information, and I know people," she said. "That is what a good lobbyist is all about."

Carrie Meek: This 80-year-old has influence
Carrie Meek: This 80-year-old has influence

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