Letters from the Issue of June 1, 2006

"I offered the guy probation and his attorneys flipped my life upside down"

Vincent La Manna
North Miami Beach

Just for Kicks

He's going elsewhere: I enjoyed Calvin Godfrey's article about Romário and the soccer history (or lack thereof) in Miami, "He Ain't Pelé" (May 18).

I do take issue with the comments of Brendan Clery, the bartender at Playwright Pub in South Beach, who was quoted as saying "I wouldn't cross the street to see an American soccer game." This is the second episode of such snobbiness I have encountered at the Playwright, the first being in 2002 when I called up the pub to ask if they were showing the U.S. vs. Korea, only to hear, "Who wants to see the U.S. playing soccer?"

Well, lads, a lot of us do, and I will make it my mission that we don't bother to "cross the street" and do so inside your pub, where I've seen numerous matches in the last five years. Have fun watching the United States in the World Cup next month without us ... too bad the Irish didn't qualify.

Patrick Cowan

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