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The Stills lose their feathers

Did the lineup change influence the different direction you took with the new album?

We've all played in bands our whole lives. We were just in that headspace where we were really into the double keyboard, Hammond organ thing, and it was making us happy to hear those sounds. We wanted a record where, even though the songs would be pretty serious, we still wanted it to be a good vibe, a warm experience.

It's less British.

The Stills stay happy to stave off a sophomore slump
The Stills stay happy to stave off a sophomore slump


The Stills join Rogue Wave on Thursday, June 8, at Studio A, 60 NE 11th St, Miami. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. Tickets cost $12. Call 305-358-7625 for more information.

Right. Or different British. Less Blur or Radiohead.

More Kinks-sounding.

There's one Kinks song we have on our playlist before we go on — "Strangers," off the Lola vs. the Powerman album.

At least the Interpol comparisons might let up.

Yeah, maybe they will. I don't think we sound like Interpol. We never did. It's just that people are lazy. It's lazy journalism. News spreads so fast because of the Internet. It's like somebody says, "Oh, they sound like Interpol," and all of a sudden, you Google "the Stills" and everybody says the same thing — that we sound like Interpol or Echo and the Bunnymen. We'd never even heard Echo and the Bunnymen. I thought the record we made [Logic] was way more Nineties-sounding than Eighties. People just wanted to say Eighties because it was hip. We're definitely into some Seventies rock stuff. But we're into Sixties stuff ... we're into everything. It's a matter of where you want to go at the time.

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