Letters from the Issue of May 18, 2006

"I saw myself in the shower, and I'm sexier than Richard"

It has been the privilege of the many South Florida professionals who make up the Professional Referral Group to have become a part of the Geraldi extended family. For the past three years we have provided a holiday celebration in December, complete with Santa Claus and gifts for all the children, and a Holiday Egg Hunt Party each April for the Possible Dream Foundation. We encourage all of your readers to contact the Possible Dream Foundation and help.

The Geraldi "Outsiders" have given us much more than we could ever give them. They remind us again and again of the true meaning and value of families.

Anyone desiring to contribute time, household items, or financial assistance to the Geraldi family and the Possible Dream Foundation may call 305-252-2552 or visit www.possibledream.org. People who wish to assist with future holiday celebrations at the Possible Dream can receive information from the Professional Referral Group of South Florida by calling or e-mailing my office at 305-598-1344 or miamilawoffice@aol.com.

Patrick Goss

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