Letters from the Issue of May 11, 2006

"Orishas are hot! They dance bien rico!"

This is why no one has come over here and blown us off the map. Face it. We're an open society; they could do it any time they wanted. So really, it's not the chest-thumping that has kept us relatively safe since 9/11. It's that this guy out of nowhere gets to film our president's most embarrassing moments, make it into a movie, and inspire debate. That's why angry fanatics stay their sarin gas and their bombs. It's not because we "have the terrorists on the run." Obviously we don't. Bush gave up trying to capture Bin Laden years ago. We're safe only because even angry people still admire something about this place. I hope it stays that way. Don't you?

Jamie Esquire
Biscayne Park

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