Ghetto Pirates

A movie made for Bootleggers

Even though his wallet is thinner because of this inner-city enterprise, Clarke remains magnanimous. "I really don't think it's so big of a crime that it should be punished with jail time," he laughs. "I think it should be punished monetarily. To some of these guys, facing one year is like not getting charged at all."

Clarke's film about bootleggers will most certainly be bootlegged. The irony makes him laugh uproariously. "It's gonna be one of the biggest bootlegged films in Miami! I mean, it's guaranteed. They're waiting on it. They're rubbing their hands together, waiting on it," he chortles. "The DVD is gonna cost $12.98 in Best Buy."

And how much will it go for in Carol City? "It's gonna be on sale for five dollars," he laughs. He intends to monitor his legitimate sales as much as possible, although he is fully aware of the struggle he will face. "There's hundreds of people in Dade County who get up every day and do this for a living. You can spend all your time trying to stop them, but you can't stop bootleggers."

Just try to take this Bulldog by the horns
Colby Katz
Just try to take this Bulldog by the horns

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