Hookah Hunt

It's easier to find Middle Eastern tunes and tobacco than you'd think

Yet if you're looking to get stupid, silly, or just have a blast in a loose, friendly environment, Kendall's Tobacco Breeze is your joint. It also sells the cheapest bowl of maassel in Miami. "Other places charge you eighteen, twenty dollars; we charge you twelve," boasts Vasquez. Tobacco Breeze is the second installment of an already successful cigar store located in the Town & Country Mall. When Vasquez decided to open another store, he paid close attention to the requests of his younger customers. A hookah lounge was added to the newer location, and "business is excellent." Vasquez smiles as he offers me free espresso and a bowl of pomegranate tobacco.

Considering other restaurants, clubs, and cafés offer shisha and maassel in South Miami and on the Beach, don't be surprised if you catch your parents sucking on a hose sometime soon. If you do, by all means, give one a puff, but be warned: Although very tasty, maassel contains carcinogens and tobacco, which are never good for the body. But because it uses a lot of fruit extract for flavor and the water in the hookah filters out some tar and other dangerous substances, flavored tobacco contains fewer toxins than rolling tobacco.

Where to Find a Hookah Lounge
Yaddyra Peralta exhales at the Oasis Internet Café in Coconut Grove
Jacqueline Carini
Yaddyra Peralta exhales at the Oasis Internet Café in Coconut Grove

Angel Ultra Lounge, 247 23rd St, Miami Beach, 305-695-1713
DVine Cyber Lounge, 910 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 305-534-1414
Marhaba, 5701 Sunset Dr, South Miami, 305-740-5880
Oasis Internet Caf, 2977 McFarlane Rd, Coconut Grove, 305-446-6565
Tantra, 1445 Pennsylvania Ave, Miami Beach, 305-672-4765
Tobacco Breeze, 12532 SW 120 St, Kendall, 305-259-8277

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