Letters from the Issue of March 23, 2006

"If I were an IRS agent, Id be looking for the missing millions"

Yes, why don't you come on down from behind your bullshit byline? Perhaps you're a big fat Versace pig, or maybe a skinny little Tommy dweeb. Unlike you, I don't need to hide. Come on down, and ask someone to point me out to you; I'll be reading something special. My name is Ricky Smith; remember it, hack, if I ever end up on your reviewer's plate, next time you have to sing for your supper.

Come over and introduce yourself; I'll be playing the part of the junkie in the gaudy ersatz-Hawaiian shirt. Sometime you might have to review my writing or musicianship, which would make sense, since you people — for all your urnalistic integrity — wouldn't know poetry from pottery, music from mustard (I've read the good reviews of bad material), or literature from the ligature I'd use to hang you by your literary genitals. As a reporter, you belong at the bottom of the bird cage. Why doesn't anyone at New Times ever know the difference between art and fashion?

Ricky Smith

Son of a Beach

The former mayor, that is: Francisco Alvarado's article "Tow and Sell" (February 9) confirms my frustration with Beach Towing after Hurricane Katrina. When the majority of the Beach was struggling to return to some sense of normalcy after the onslaught, Beach Towing was immediately open for business. Cars everywhere were being towed by Beach and Tremont.

It is disappointing to learn that an ex-city mayor, Harold Rosen, could have any involvement with such a company. How far does the rot of this industry channel through existing city officials?

It is obvious from the level of corruption reported in this city, through networks and print media, that Miami leaders don't value their own people. Towing is a dog-eat-dog mentality, no different from that of a protection racket at the lowest ebb of organized crime.

As a long-time resident of Miami Beach, I am often disgusted to witness the depravity of this once beautiful city. Companies such as Beach and Tremont need to be held accountable for their actions. However, given their close relationship with the city, I doubt this will ever be the case. What happened to the persons responsible for the beating of Naseer Idrissi? I would certainly hope they were arrested and charged for grievous assault.

With the money the city yields from these companies, officials should address problems in traffic flow, congestion, and parking. As an example, city planners could implement front-in parking along Euclid!

Thank you for a great article. You have certainly lifted a veil on an industry open for debate.

Ian Lawrence
Miami Beach

Music Editor

Miami New Times has an opening for a music editor. This full-time position entails planning and editing the weekly music section, writing feature stories and a weekly column, and working with freelancers. Qualified candidates must have strong writing and organizational skills and be well versed in Latin, hip-hop, DJ/dance, and indie rock. Applicants should send a cover letter, resumé, and five clips to Jean Carey, managing editor, 2800 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33137. No e-mails please.

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