Total the Recall

Commish Natacha Seijas is still around. For now anyway.

Coalition members also accuse the commissioner of fear-mongering and lying. "She's been telling people that our petition is illegal," Herrera accuses. "She's told people to be careful who they open their door to — implying our canvassers are criminals. She's been saying she is going to pay visits to the people who signed the petition."

"She's also said she is going to go over our contributions list to see who's donated to our cause," Wade interjects. "That's another one of her veiled little threats."

(Seijas denies she called the petition illegal or said she was going to peruse the PAC's financial disclosure reports.)

Would you boot this commissioner?
Would you boot this commissioner?

On a recent Saturday afternoon in east Hialeah, few people wanted to sign the petition. Some folks would speak to canvassers only through window screens. Others affirmed their loyalty to Seijas.

One senior couple, Carlos and Pauline Perez-Carrillo, said they would vote Seijas out of office, but they would not put their names on the petition. "I don't really want to discuss that," Carlos responded when asked the reason.

The recall committee will likely submit more than the minimum of 3100 signatures by the April 25 deadline. If the elections office validates the signatures, the county commission will have 45 days to set a referendum in Seijas's district, which stretches from Opa-locka Airport to Interstate 75 and includes 69,797 voters.

"We'll probably need at least another $25,000 for the campaign. We have to start raising money now because it is going to take us a long time to reach our goal," the coalition's Hamilton says.

Seijas, for her part, has a message for the committee: "I have never stuck a knife in someone's back. But they have done it to me. I'm going to leave it there so I never forget."

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