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Smitty makes a Hollywood-by-NYC Miami connection

Despite any misgivings, he continues to make a go of it in the industry. And no matter how far his career takes him from the Magic City, Smitty says he will always remain connected to Miami by his family: "I have family everywhere — Overtown, North Miami, all over." His fans are also all over the city. He once thought they were only on the streets, until waiters in five-star restaurants began asking for his autograph. "That surprised me," he says.

In addition, women no longer "feel sorry" for Smitty. His rising-star status has created a female following, which he seems flattered by but also wary of. "It's not about using you. They just want to be around you. They just want to be able to say they're with such-and-such, they were in such-and-such's house. That's more important to them than money, and since rappers are the lowest on the celebrity totem pole, they see it as the easiest way for them to get into that lifestyle," Smitty remarks. "I would be perfect for someone like that to try to latch on to, because I'm not that big yet, so they could say they were with me from the beginning." He ponders this statement for a moment and then adds, "Hopefully I'll get to marry the woman I'm with now."

Miami's new rap superstar on money, women, and life in Little Haiti
Colby Katz
Miami's new rap superstar on money, women, and life in Little Haiti


Smitty's new single, "Up in Little Haiti," is scheduled for release this week.

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