Welcome to HollyDade

This policeman has a yen for the dramatic

Sometimes being the Hollywood cop, though, means laying down the law. There was the time Vice producers called Joey at 3:00 a.m. to say they wanted a helicopter the next day. "I would have been divorced!" he says of all the late-night calls. "But my wife was pregnant, so she couldn't leave."

Now Giordano is thinking long-term of a postpolice afterlife in Hollywood. At age 40, with four kids and only seven years left to retirement, it's a natural consideration for him. One of his MDPD media office colleagues, Roy Rutland, a narcotics unit veteran ("He was the real Sonny Crockett"), now is paid to work as a technical advisor to the upcoming Showtime series Dexter. Rutland was also contracted by Vice to build a facsimile of a methamphetamine lab. "They fly Roy out to Hollywood all the time to talk about ideas, and just to learn," notes Joey.

After three years in biz, Joey — who lives, he says, "coincidentally in Hollywood [Florida]" — has become a critical consumer of cop drama. He likes CSI: Miami, Hill Street Blues, The Shield.He thinks Law & Orderis "realistic but too depressing."

"But no one has really documented the reality of cop life," he says, pausing. "But then again, I don't know if people are ready for it."

Welcome to HollyDadeThis policeman has a yen for the dramaticBY JOSH SCHONWALD

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