One Dead Groove

TV stars and literary, um, luminaries try to entertain a distant dog

"I was at Costco recently, and these two guys recognized me. They asked if I was on Sábado Gigante. I tried to talk to them, but they didn't speak a lot of English," he laughs. "I've been recognized in Publix too."

It fascinates The Bitch that this Aryan dream of a man has become a part of the international Latin scene, starring on a TV show listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest-running in the world.

"I think a lot of Americans might just click on the show because it's so visual, but if they had subtitles, I think they'd grab a huge American audience. It's a little racy for Americans, in terms of how the girls dress and the dancing ... but anyone who knows Latin culture knows that it's a little more ... flashy," he remarks.

Aaron Hill is on Sábado Gigante and he loves dogs too!
Aaron Hill is on Sábado Gigante and he loves dogs too!

Besides the TV show and the personal training, Hill is also working on a book, The No-Diet Diet, which he hopes to sell to both English- and Spanish-speaking markets. "It's a lifestyle book, and it's very visual. I play with the influences of Latin and Caribbean foods that I've encountered. Even though I'm from Ohio, I've always been very adventurous with trying foods from different cultures," he says.

Jeez! The Bitch stares at Hill with eyes as large as saucers.

"I know, I know," he laughs. "How do I do all of this stuff, right? I guess I'm a good time manager." Learn more at

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