The Linx

Usually once a South Florida band has achieved a modicum of success and national exposure, it leaves our little corner of the world and sets off for greener pastures. Bucking this trend, the genre-scaling gymnasts in the Linx are returning to the South Florida live music scene after a two-year hiatus. Scene veterans might remember the Linx's fusion of rock, hip-hop, R&B, and jazz from the group's many gigs at Automatic Slim's and Tobacco Road. And though dabbling in many different genres generally indicates that you've failed to master one — and the Linx bandmates do at times sound like dilettantes — at least members Nikel, Didwell, and Alej are able to imbue their explorations with a degree of talent. Those who like hip-hop and rock clearly segregated may want to steer clear, but those who don't mind an amalgamation of the two should take note.


performs Monday, January 30, at Flavour, 2895 McFarlane Rd, Coconut Grove. Cover is $5. For more information, call 305-445-6847

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