Where's the Beat?

SouthBeat Records is set to finally live up to its potential

Jonsin's taking a lead role in the development of a local imprint is promising. And certainly no one will complain about another album from J-Shin, whose 2000 debut sold nearly 400,000 copies. The label has also taken under its wing Madrid-based artist Ravito.

Though this posturing would seem to marginalize the roles of Wrek and Mayday — a theory furthered by the fact that newcomer J-Shin is scheduled to drop the label's first full length next month — the artists are optimistic, if guardedly so, and hope Jonsin's addition will lead to not only more output but also a more polished finished product.

This spring Mayday will release what is bound to be a successful single, "Groundhog Day." The song features former Goodie Mob member and hook-slinger extraordinaire Cee-Lo, and there are plans to shoot a video. Wrekonize, meanwhile, has an EP coming out that features guest spots by Ras Kaas and production from DJ Spinna.

Clockwise from left: Wrekonize, Plex, J-Shin, and Bernbiz
Jacqueline Carini
Clockwise from left: Wrekonize, Plex, J-Shin, and Bernbiz

"I could be doing a million mixtapes like everyone else in Miami does," Bernbiz says. "But I'm in a place where I don't have to give away my music. We have a buzz going without having an album. Trust me, we're itching to get this album out."

"It is a machine that we're dealing with," Plex interjects. "And that is frustrating at times. But I haven't had to punch a timecard in nearly a year."

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