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Salmon Salmon has spawned quite a following

The waitstaff teams together to provide efficient service, though during one visit, they neglected to distribute the wine list (which happens to be brimming with bargains) and didn't advise us that entrées come with choice of rice, French fries, or salad. I didn't notice the latter omission until later perusing the take-out menu. We were served boiled white rice with our dinners.

A creamy wedge of what appeared to be flavored cheesecake was actually a mousse made from the tropical Peruvian fruit lucuma atop a crocant cookie crust. We preferred another, more common dessert from Peru called babarois, which in France is known as oeufs à la neige ("snow eggs") and in America is named floating islands: a puffy cloud of egg whites and sugar whipped to soft meringue consistency, poached in a bath of sweetened milk, and set upon a vanilla custard sauce made from that milk. When prepared properly (as is the case here), this is an ethereal dessert, so airy it seems unbound by gravity. Yet the real appeal of Salmon Salmon rests in its decidedly down-to-earth cooking.


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Salmon Salmon

2907 NW Seventh St.
Miami, FL 33125

Category: Restaurant > International

Region: Central Dade


305-649-5924. Open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday noon to 10:00 p.m., Sunday noon to 9:00 p.m.
2907 NW 7th St, Miami

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