Letters from the Issue of December 15-21, 2005

More on the great suicide debate

We finally decided to sell and move out after a band of enraged, machete-wielding tenants attacked our next-door neighbor because he had raised their rents, and the poor guy took refuge in our home.

The moral of the story? A city is made up of its neighborhoods, and neighborhoods are made up of homeowners. Unfortunately the City of Miami has too many homeowners who either don't care or are too ignorant to realize that zoning laws, building codes, and city regulations on littering, junk cars, and the like are designed to improve our quality of life.

Frankly I hope Chief John Timoney takes over all code enforcement in the city. If he does, I suggest he begin by looking into the thousands of people who have converted their homes into efficiencies, and start cracking down hard. If nothing else, perhaps the city can legitimize this practice, regulate and tax it, and increase the tax base.

Tony Saiz

East Kendall

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