The Fat of the Lens

From man-breasts and money comes a local documentary film star

It is this openly and unabashedly pathetic attitude that does, in the end, make Miles a sympathetic character. Sure, he had a nanny who cooked him fried chicken while most kids never knew anything but the ten-piece bucket from KFC, but who in their life hasn't ever felt awkward or downright fugly? Besides, Miles didn't get fat because he comes from money. He got fat because he ate too much and for the wrong reasons. Because we can relate to eating, say, an entire chocolate pound cake in one sitting, we can look past the fact that not once is Miles seen at an actual job during the film (he says he owns a few properties and a landfill business).

Now about 190 pounds, Miles says he's not trying to lose any more weight (he lost more than 50 pounds during the film and 10 more after). He eats apples, works out every day, and is dating someone for the first time post-Fatboy. Life, he says, is good. "My main focus now is getting in the gym and toning. I want it all to be tight," he says as he lifts up his shirt and slaps his stomach, revealing, probably unintentionally, what's left of the man-breasts. Definitely no more than an A-cup.

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