Still Angry

Glades airboat guides live in limbo sixteen years after the National Park Service began buying up the swamps

For now, Kennon has other things to worry about, namely Dutch reality-TV stars. Less than an hour after blowing in to Coopertown, while floating in a canal about a quarter-mile out, the crew complains of a tight schedule. They do a few more takes — streams of Dutch sprinkled with the word babes — and what looks like a funny bit with a curious gator named Peg. Then they signal Kennon to head back. Off the boat, the models pile into their rental van without a word to Kennon. They crowd around the camera to watch themselves on playback. Soon they're gone, speeding to catch a plane to Amsterdam.

Kennon turns around and climbs back on the boat. He starts up the deafening engine and heads out, ready to show the next group of sunblock-dabbing Europeans the saw-grass sea.

Jesse Kennon and a bevy of Dutch beauties
Jesse Kennon and a bevy of Dutch beauties

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Incrementally everything good our parents and grandparents grew up doing in South Fla actually the whole USA has suffered great lssses of traditoanl cultural traditions and activiities its a shame about the airboats and the parqpgraph referring to panthers # 1 No such thing as a true sub-species but USFWS refuses to acknowledge modern Science proving this.  DNA wise the panther is the same as anyother in North America. Too much money  both politically and the moneies for DOI  and the endless monies involved with enviromental litigation its just as big as the worst of Corporate America.

Another bit of misinformation in this article is the Loud Noise from airboats disturbing the Panthers. Panthers have no fear of vehicles noise or airboats. Panthers do venture into airboat country but prefer pine-lands and scrub palmetto. but will venture the prairies when they are a little drier but studies have proven hunting, buggies and airoats have no significant impact on panthers habits. .By the way the NPS's own studies show airboats having the least adverse impact upon the area than any other motorized means of transportation 

These Federal land grabs and the cultural cleansing by bureaucrats, politicians and the DOI agencies must end

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