Getting Lifted with a Legend

Yeah, we saw so many of our people suffering. It was devastating. It was heartbreaking. And it was horrible to see the ineptitude of our government at this time. They should have done much better.

Do you think this charity and heightened social consciousness is something that's going to continue, or is this just a one-off thing?


performs Thursday, November 10, at the Jackie Gleason Theater, 1700 Washington Ave, Miami Beach. Tickets range from $39.50 to $46.50. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. For more information, call 305-673-7300.

Who knows? A lot of times people's attention spans are short. For instance, the issue of poverty has faded off people's radar pretty quickly. People are back to business as usual. They're not holding our legislature accountable, and I'm concerned that it's going to fall by the wayside. It won't for me. I think about it a lot these days, and I'm going to continue to put my charitable resources towards that.

Do you think you'll address any of these issues in your next album?

I do not know. When I write, I don't have a program. It's more whatever comes to me. I can't predict. I have started writing the next album, and I'm feeling good about it. I'm a stronger songwriter and a better musician than I was [when I recorded Get Lifted].

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