Sadly, I think William is exactly what I was hoping he wouldn't turn out to be — just a sad, lonely man in a dead-end life, seeking to self-medicate with a little larger-than-life excitement, even if he has to fabricate it and recruit his own supporting cast. He has probably listened to a little too much George Noory over the years. I also have had my share of Williams in my career, the ones who get you all fired up about a big story — just enough credible facts to keep you going before it all blows up in the end. I keep myself going with the thought that perhaps just one of these Williams will someday be the real deal. But then again, I've been saying the same thing about my soul mate, wherever she is. Well, just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed this and Korten's other work. Better go before the boss asks me why I don't have phone receivers on each ear while typing with my toes!

Wayne Tompkins

Louisville, Kentucky

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