New Odd Couple?

Such was the routine at ego-flattening restaurant-nightclub Grass, the impenetrable fortress of the Design District. Apparently owner Laurent Bourgade — who would occasionally demand that sartorially unsatisfying patrons leave (a practice The Bitch highly approves of, by the way) — has decided the best way to keep the riffraff out is to let no one in.

The flamboyant one-person PR tornado known as Evrim Oralkan, who recently threw parties and did other marketing for Grass, says, "I do not believe they will reopen. As far as I know, Grass is closed. I am not sure who the new owners are and what they are planning to do."

But the club's Website notes: "Grass is closed for improvements and will reopen for season." (Um, isn't it season?) Calls to Bourgade and the number on the "for rent" sign on the property went unreturned.

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