A Pearl in the Harbor

The kitchen's Thai-style entrées, called "house specialties," are composed of either chicken, beef, assorted seafood, or tofu and are offered in a choice of red curry, massaman curry, or "basil leaves" sauce. They weren't nearly as distinctive as the Japanese dishes. Large hunks of fried tofu simmered in a timid and one-dimensional red curry-coconut sauce -- with bamboo shoots, bell peppers, and basil sprinkled about -- though ordered medium-hot, arrived quite mild. During a return visit, we made the same request for an order of duck in basil leaves sauce with bell peppers and onions, but it, too, was docile (a bowl of chilies were brought on the side to remedy this). Deep-fried pieces of duck breast, in an overly salty brown sauce that was strewn with fried basil leaves, contained a few luscious pieces of meat but too many overfried, chitlinlike crunchies.

Thai donuts presented the usual fingers of fried dough with a condensed milk dip. Other desserts involve red bean or green tea ice cream, banana or ice cream tempura, and "rigonachimo," an inverted cone of dark chocolate with chocolate mousse inside. They were resplendently plated and tasty enough, but desserts are not the reason you go to an Asian restaurant. In this case, you'll be going to partake of exquisitely scintillating Japanese food. Chef Hepp sure is a find, and so is Asia Bay.

Adding the final touch to one of Asia Bay's artfully 
presented dishes
Jonathan Postal
Adding the final touch to one of Asia Bay's artfully presented dishes

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Asia Bay Presto

1007 Kane Concourse
Surfside, FL 33154

Category: Restaurant > Asian

Region: North Dade


305-861-2222. Open daily for lunch 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., dinner 5:30 to 10:30 p.m.
1007 Kane Concourse, Bay Harbor

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