Letters from the Issue of September 29, 2005

Savage words, Haitian rights, suicide notes, and DeFede friends and foes

It is clear Forrest Norman is a gifted writer. It's a shame he doesn't have the self-restraint and maturity to direct this talent in the right direction and do good rather than reopen slowly healing wounds to sell a few newspapers.

Michael Valdes-Fauli


Strouse, You Dummy

Aim your pity elsewhere: Regarding "Crash Dummy" by Chuck Strouse (September 15), Jim DeFede has admitted to committing a crime. As an objective reporter, Strouse, rather than feel sorry for DeFede for losing his job, should be questioning the twisted logic allowing him to avoid criminal prosecution. (Just because Arthur Teele is dead, how does that alter right from wrong?)

More than 100,000 people on the Gulf Coast are jobless through absolutely no fault of their own. If you want to feel sorry for anyone, feel sorry for them.

Paul M. Freier

Via the Internet

No pith here: I was trying to think of some pithy words to jot down about Jim DeFede, and I realize I don't have any. I just have raw, exposed feelings: like one big giant sore that won't heal. If ever there were a community that needed a reporter as fine and principled as Jim, it is this one. The Miami Herald bigwigs are morons.

Nancy Lee


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