Tuesday: Damn fine-looking bounty hunters
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Tuesday: Damn fine-looking bounty hunters

Although the decorations and costumes have been cluttering the aisles of Target since the beginning of September, we really don't get into the ghoulish Halloween mood until we are actually in the month in which the holiday falls. But now that the pumpkin patches are cropping up around town, we're ready to paint our nails black, hang the paper skeleton on the door, and stock up on miniature candy bars in fall-colored wrappers. We're also in the mood for spooky stories and, perhaps, some paranormal activities. We hear that we might encounter a few spirits during the Arch Creek Ghost Tours. The Tequesta Indians occupied the area from about 400 to 1200 A.D. Then settlers came and began building mills and planting tomatoes and pineapples in the 1800s, and the railroad soon followed, so the park is fertile ground for a whiff of the supernatural. Get spooked starting at 7:30 at Arch Creek Park, 1855 NE 135 St., North Miami. The tour costs five dollars, and reservations are required. Call 305-944-6111, or visit to learn more about the park. (LO)

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