Savage Station

WFTL-850 AM was an oasis of local talk; now it's just another haven for hate

"My father told me that when the blacks move in, everything is going to be really bad," one caller said, adding, "He was right!"

"I don't think there's anything wrong with what you're saying," Mitchell responded. "That's because there are cases in Liberty City of that happening.... You've got these places that are trash. The only explanation was that blacks were brought to America [against their will] ... their entrance into America was different than anyone else's."

The Oklahoma-bred broadcaster told listeners her mother was once mugged by two African-American women and said if she were a poor black mother, she'd be "angry and embarrassed" at her race for its behavior. On the other hand, she pointed out that wealthier folks fared really well in the storm's aftermath. "I read a beautiful story about people in an upscale neighborhood" who went into a grocery store and "took only what they needed," she said.

Kelley Mitchell: Nothing for Katrina victims
Kelley Mitchell: Nothing for Katrina victims

And, while defending George W. Bush's performance at every turn, she went off on New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. "The mayor is racist," she said of Nagin, a black man. "The mayor must be racist, because he put his people in this position and he doesn't care about them."

It was as if, in Kelleyland, there had been no hurricane or flood -- only criminal black people who were finally exposed as the bad citizens they so obviously are.

But don't get her wrong.

"I don't know what I'd do without my black friends," she said during one show. "We have dinner parties."

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