Letters from the Issue of September 22, 2005

Suicide notes, psycho-babble, and skeptical readers

At least, if you scream "Go Fish!" at a Marlins game, you'll be biologically correct (and there's a better chance your cheers won't be in vain).

Ramon Veunes


Kiting a Theory

New Timesis alarmist: Regarding Kirk Nielsen's "Kite-Crazed Dudes" (September 1), the comment "Yes, it's a beautiful, sexy sport, and it can kill you in seconds" -- give us all a break. This is an irrational, paranoid twist on the truth that nobody needs. Crossing the street can kill you in seconds. Standing in your bedroom can kill you in seconds. What if your roof caves in on your head? So you better not stand in your bedroom. It would be better to just go hide under a rock your whole life and fear everything.

As the highly rational-sounding Marinkovic stresses over and over, most kiteboarding accidents are the result of rider error and overconfidence. I've personally lived through one really bad accident, and the entire thing was my fault. I would never think to sue anyone except my own irresponsible overconfident mistake-making self. Kiteboarding is an extreme sport and things can go wrong. But so can many things in life and to publish a statement such as the one referenced above is inaccurate, offensive, and really pisses me off.

Stacey Fonas

Delray Beach

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