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Of course it is the roving dog's duty to visit any event where the booze flows as freely as a shingle in a hurricane, but even The Bitch was impressed by the Ocean Drive VMA party at the Loews Hotel this past Saturday. The catered event had everything a pup could ask for: an inebriated Jamie Foxx pouring shots into the mouths of anything with silicone enhancements, Eddie Murphy looking very Delirious, and the other Simpson -- O.J. -- cutting up with the commoners. Along with the celebs and the free food and drinks, the party provided live entertainment when one of the revelers bumped into Shaquille O'Neal's wife, Shaunie.

"I just happened to be looking in that direction because I saw this other basketball player -- Richard Hamilton from the Detroit Pistons -- shaking hands and saying hello to Shaq. A couple seconds later it just looked like Shaq completely snapped. He turned around and punched this [other] guy right in the face. He totally laid him out with one punch and then he did kind of a running punch when the guy was already on the ground. After that the entire VIP area just collapsed on the guy," said partygoer Jean-Paul Bermudez, who took off with the rest of the crowd without getting the clumsy guest's name.

Some stars at the VMAs were such gas giants they 
had to appear totally incognito
Jonathan Postal
Some stars at the VMAs were such gas giants they had to appear totally incognito

The TKO by the Miami Heat star -- who is also an auxiliary policeman -- left a bloody mess on the floor, and the ruckus caused the house lights to come on and the cops to break up the party, sending revelers hurtling out onto Collins Avenue. The Bitch's keen sense of olfactory detection can't help but smell an impending law$uit.

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