Letters from the Issue of August 25, 2005

Condo fantasies, disappearing nurses, and boogers as art

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Latest Healthcare Trend: Shrinkage

At Jackson and elsewhere staffing is down while demand is up: On behalf of the 4000 RNs, physicians, and medical professionals at Jackson Memorial Hospital, I am sorry for Mr. Norman's mother-in-law's experience on West Wing 15 as reported in his article "Disappearing Nurses."

I hear his frustration that there was a shortage of RNs to provide care, a shortage of secretaries to answer call lights, and a shortage of environmental workers to clean patient rooms. As healthcare workers we share his frustration as we too experience these shortages while striving to provide quality care.

Owing to the lack of healthcare money, all hospitals are suffering. The unfortunate reality is that this experience is not unique to Jackson. Actually Jackson's RN staffing is better than other area hospitals because of a longstanding commitment to staff with RNs.

I hope that as we move forward, patients and healthcare workers can be partners in solving this healthcare crisis that plagues hospitals in this country, not just Jackson. Together let's demand that our politicians put our tax dollars into healthcare -- for Jackson and nationally -- so that no other patients face the experience of Mr. Norman's family. Let's make healthcare a priority in this country!

Martha Baker, RN

Miami Beach

Dolphins: Facial Hair

Dali did it to the Mona Lisa, so why not? What do you hope to accomplish with your "Dump This Dolphin!" contest? Sounds like an NFL product promotion to me. You cannot substitute colors for talent. Perhaps a mustache on the dolphin would satisfy you.

Norman Davis, Sr.

Blairsville, Georgia

Dolphins: New Tune

Bet you didn't even know the Fins had a fight song: What a coincidence that New Times should promote a "Dump This Dolphin" campaign. A friend and I were just discussing how they need to redo the fight song for the team. It has a definite Sixties air. Like the logo, it doesn't exactly strike fear in our opponents.

I think for next season we should create a whole new Dolphins team -- new logo and fight song. Then Super Bowl, here we come!

Crystal Downs

South Miami

Lettuce Thank You

Our manifesto -- people need affordable salads: We want to thank Pamela Robin Brandt for what we think was a great review of our restaurant, Giardino Gourmet Salads ("Where the Green Things Are," August 11). We truly appreciate her time.

We are excited about this new concept, and getting the word out is what we need. Our goal is to create a great healthy fast-food place affordable to the everyday person.

Ody Lugo

Coral Gables

Skirts and the Men Who Wear Them

Yes, we have our own Website: The Bitch's story "Skirt Stake" (August 4) is being discussed at Tom's Café, one of the Internet forums about guys who believe that males should wear kilts and skirts more frequently. The article was very well written, pointing out clear contradictions between what Lior Gonda says happened to him and what the Boynton Beach Mall claims happened.

We would be interested in a follow-up article and would also be interested in knowing if a date is set for Lior Gonda and his friends to return to the mall skirted, because some of us would like to join him.

Keep up the good work!

Cory Kerr


Battling Arts Districts

Can't tell the players without a scorecard (and a map): I was reading the article by Julienne Gage, "Crown of Thorns" (July 21), and I noticed an error. I'm the director of Helix Gallery, which is in the Wynwood Art District, not in the Design District. Our address is 153 NW 36th St., Miami.

Cecilia Lopez Bravo


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