Letters from the Issue of August 18, 2005

Dolphins squeaking, nurses freaking, readers shrieking

 Dump This Dolphin! Itís time for a redesign. We want your ideas for a new Miami Dolphins logo. If you canít draw, find a friend who can. Weíll publish the most interesting entries in our issue of September 8. Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, August 31. Send to:



Dump This Dolphin!
Dump This Dolphin!

2800 BISCAYNE BLVD., #100

MIAMI, FL 33137

Dolphins: Not Smiling

You folks should stick with the sex ads: I have three points to make about your campaign to somehow get the Dolphins organization to change their logo ("Dump This Dolphin!" August 11).

First, and contrary to the article, the Dolphins did change their logo about six years ago. They went from an expressionless, realistic dolphin and aqua colors, to a cartoonlike dolphin with an angry expression and a darker teal color. Good or bad, at no point was the dolphin smiling.

Second, it is the players who instill fear in the hearts of opponents, not the logo. Logos carry a tradition that only someone who doesn't know anything about sports would abandon. Do you think that the letter C (Chicago) or the word Jets (New York) or the number 49 (San Francisco) or the letter G (Green Bay) has ever instilled fear in an opponent? Yet those teams have.

Third, you guys have given very little attention to South Florida sports over the years. All you have cared about is uncovering scandals; printing club, restaurant, and movie reviews; and selling sex in your back pages. Give us all a break and stick to what you know!

Jorge Vicens

Miami Beach

Dolphins: A Joke, Right?

No quick fixes, so give the coach a chance: Dump whoever wrote this asinine dreck! The author suggests that changing the look and feel of the team's mascot and team colors will reverse the fortunes of a team done in by years of bad drafting, especially during the Dave WannstedtRick Spielman era?

Are you kidding?

And since when did three seasons become an instant? The Pats changed their logo in 1993, sure, but they made it to the Super Bowl three seasons later, in 1996 -- only after Bill Parcell's picks had a chance to develop and he was able to fully execute the Tuna's offense and defense. They didn't begin their current reign until 2001, a full nine seasons after the logo change. Regardless, that really has nothing to do with anything.

C'mon now! Give Nick Saban some time for his system to work.

Michael Mut


Dolphins: It's All About the Players

Try putting the Patriots in Dolphins uniforms: I just read the article in favor of dumping the Miami Dolphins logo, and it appears to me that whoever wrote it has no idea what is going on. Granted it was all in fun in a superstitious kind of way (I'm guessing), but there were so many holes in it and it was so poorly researched that it's evident the author is not a football fan.

As examples, four team logos were depicted to give strength to the argument that changing logos and uniforms is a major step for teams winning or getting to the Super Bowl. The Buccaneers, Broncos, and Patriots were all valid points, but last time I checked, the Eagles hadn't changed their helmet logo. Rather they added the eagle head to their sleeves and "tweaked" the wing on their helmets much like Miami did with the dolphin. (And yes, I did notice.)

I also add the fact that the Jets changed their logo and uniforms to green with Jets written on the side of the helmet, and went back to their original uniforms, but they still haven't even sniffed the Super Bowl. Not to mention that the Packers, Steelers, Colts, Broncos, Chiefs, Raiders, Chargers, Cowboys, Eagles, Bears, Vikings, Rams, 49ers, and, yes, even our beloved Dolphins have all made it to the Super Bowl with their original logos intact. I also believe the "adorable, smiling sea mammal arching over unseen waves while sporting a bulbous football helmet atop its head" went undefeated. I guess the logo and colors were menacing in 1972.

As animals go, a dolphin can hardly "strike fear in the heart." Maybe we can put the M on the helmet instead. The Packers, Bears, and 49ers all won Super Bowls with letters as logos -- menacing indeed. But of course if the helmets change, the colors must also change, because "sashaying" onto the field in aqua and orange isn't intimidating. Let's just go black like 80 percent of all professional teams; never mind trying to represent Miami's tropical climate.

We won't mention the University of Miami; they already do enough sashaying in their menacing green, orange, and white. The Marlins haven't won a World Series since 2003, so I vote they change their logo depicting a dumbfounded marlin cradling the letter F to something more intimidating. That'll help. And who exactly is afraid of temperature? We should change the name of the Heat while we're at it.

The point is that players, not clothing, make for championships. But you're right about one thing -- something drastic needs to be done with the Dolphins, and it's called getting better players and coaches. I promise you this: Put the Patriots players in Dolphins uniforms and we wouldn't be having this conversation.

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