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More Gender Blending

Whenever The Bitch feels a bit lethargic, she finds it helpful to spike the water bowl with something to give her an extra kick to make it through the night. Though Red Bull or coffee usually works great, The Bitch prefers to lap up a Bawls Guarana. It's not so much that it offers anything any other caffeinated beverage doesn't; it's attraction to the spiky collar design on the blue Bawls bottles that just screams, "Bad dog!"

Besides, the snarky pup is so used to hearing humans say things like, "The Bawls on that Bitch!" she figured it would be appropriate to have a pair of her own. That's the reason The Bitch wouldn't be caught dead without at least two of these bad boys on hand. So when the Glass Packaging Institute awarded Bawls the 2005 Clear Choice Award for best packaging of a carbonated beverage, The Bitch's tail began wagging. There's just nothing better than that feeling of validation. Props to the Glass Packaging Institute for recognizing what canines have known for a while.

Alfred Irving says The Man is being unreasonable 
about ousting 
boat-dwellers from a marina
Jonathan Postal
Alfred Irving says The Man is being unreasonable about ousting boat-dwellers from a marina

Who's Fighting Now?

Saturday, July 30, began as a typical night on the town for Abraham Sanchez and his partner Alberto Perez. The two went out to Hierbabuena Nightclub at 2224 Coral Way for some drinking and dancing. It wasn't until around 3:00 a.m. (the club closes at 4:00 a.m.), when a female staff member told the pair to leave, that the situation turned aggro. "We were paying for our drinks; we were well dressed," says Sanchez, "and we weren't ready to go." At this point the club's bouncers allegedly grabbed the two men, pushed them from behind, and forced them to leave. "They start kicking me on the floor while saying, öYou faggots, you never come back here. We do this to teach you a lesson,'" recounts Sanchez. Perez quickly called 911, but when the paramedics arrived, Sanchez says, they told him "there was no visual sign of damage" and walked away. The next day Sanchez was treated for contusions at Pan American Hospital.

The police report of the incident mentions nothing of the discrimination Sanchez feels he was subjected to, nor the name of the establishment where it occurred, although it does note that the "victim seemed to be intoxicated." A staff member from Hierbabuena said she would not comment until the establishment consults with its lawyer, who was on vacation at the time.

In the meantime, Sanchez says he will press charges. "I'm not seeking any money, just the costs from going to the hospital, and they have to train their staff. We're nice guys," he says. "We're hard-working guys. I'm a homosexual. People say we party hard, but it's not that way. I'm lucky I wasn't hurt."

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