What's That Cop Doing in Our Huddle?

When campus police tangle with football players at FIU, you can expect a punt

The problem isn't with the athletic director or his office, it appears. It's with the cops. The FIU police department is tiny, but it's a police department nonetheless. Its officers are trained and certified by the state, are armed with guns, and are vested with the power to arrest. Yet they are treated like regular employees of the administration, like the maintenance department. Why else would a call to the police chief be returned by the school's director of communications? That's like calling Miami Police Chief John Timoney and having an aide to Mayor Manny Diaz return the call. Such cross-pollination is a disaster for accountability.

Rick Mello is doing his job by showing up in the middle of the night at the police station while several of his players face arrest. There's nothing wrong with that. There would, however, be something very wrong if police took their orders from him. After all, the jocks don't take their pass plays from the cops.

Venson Jones
Venson Jones
Sabas Whitaker
Sabas Whitaker

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