Letters from the Issue of August 11 , 2005

Evil condo developers, Cuban city builders, and more about Art Teele

I am still unsure if we should hold our public figures to a higher standard than we do ourselves, but solicitation of a prostitute (regardless of gender), drug use, fraud, extortion, and bribery are against the law. At the very least we must demand that our elected officials abide by the very laws they help to create and enforce. When that doesn't happen, it is clearly news fit for print.

Kareem Tabsch


When you become a public official, you have to keep a straight line. Anything can be made public, even your love life.

All religions condemn suicide. In the Catholic religion you are not forgiven -- you go to hell. Do all of these people who were in the streets for Art Teele in Overtown realize they were praising a person who is now a servant of the Devil? Teele condemned himself for stealing money from taxpayers and he condemned himself for eternity by committing suicide. Keep on praising him and you may follow.

Carlos Balasino


It's about time local journalists stepped up to the plate and wrote stories their editors aren't afraid to publish. Art Teele may have masqueraded as a savior and hero to his people, but last time I checked the qualifications for sainthood, no one was canonized for soliciting prostitution, doing coke, and ripping off the poor.

I commend Francisco Alvarado for writing a story that exposed Teele for what he was -- an egotistical megalomaniac who cared for no one, so much so that he was willing to publicly embarrass his son and wife so he could satisfy his sexual and chemical cravings.

As for the moronic fools who blame the media for contributing to Teele's cowardly suicide, where were his supporters when he was being charged with federal crimes of mail fraud, money laundering, and locally threatening a public servant? None of Teele's advocates wanted much to do with him then.

If anything, I thank Teele for saving me some money. Imagine what it would have cost taxpayers to keep him happily incarcerated.

A. Winter

Miami Beach

Francisco Alvarado must not blame himself or allow himself to be blamed by others regarding Art Teele's cowardly way out of the problem he got himself into. Mr. Alvarado's job is to report the information as he gets it and verify this information.

By his actions, Mr. Teele stole from the very people he was supposed to protect -- the black community. This was not about race but about greed.

Hold your head up, Mr. Alvarado. Mr. Teele took his life -- not you.

Karin Logan


Francisco Alvarado is a man among men, not intimidated or afraid to tell the truth to those who do not want to hear it. For those afraid of the truth, tough. A silent majority of the community is proud of Alvarado.

There was no way to sugarcoat the story of Art Teele and the corruption that consumed his life and destroyed his legacy. Teele had trashed that long before he pulled the trigger.

History repeats itself, especially with new generations of corrupt politicians in South Florida. Let this be the latest wake-up call. When you see Francisco Alvarado snooping around, it is time to get a good lawyer, track down some money for bail, and make sure your estate is in order.

Fane Lozman

North Bay Village

Leaving one's brains on the floor of a newspaper lobby makes quite an impression. I hope no children where there to witness this coward's self-destruction and act of terrorism. If he loved Miami so much, why did he stain it with his blood?

Sandra McHugh


Thanks to Francisco Alvarado for having the courage to report the facts. That's his responsibility as a reporter -- to report facts, not to tell people what they want to hear.

He didn't pull the trigger; Teele did it to himself with every crooked and corrupt thing he did. When people say, "You have blood on your hands," Francisco must take it with a grain of salt. That simply isn't true. I hope he has peace and knows within his heart that his hands are clean.

It upset me to hear the things people were writing about Francisco. People can be so foolish and get carried away so easily. I'll pray for him so he can have peace and put this behind him as just another story.

Sarah Feliz


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