Letters from the Issue of August 4, 2005

Response to "Tales of Teele," published July 28, 2005


Via the Internet

Rebecca Wakefield's article "Commissioner Who?" (November 14, 2004) was excellent. I moved here from Houston about a year ago. Unfortunately the New Times paper there would never publish an article that was as insightful and to the point as Ms. Wakefield's article about Commissioner Jeffrey Allen.

There are few things that I have found positive to say about south Florida life, in part because of the problems with a population that seems to thrive on conduct that Ms. Wakefield's article suggests. It has become apparent to me from my brief time here that the same rotten garbage Miami's city commissioners thrive on seems to be popular at far to many dining establishments up and down the South Florida coastline. While these stories are certainly depressing to read, hopefully the public will awaken from their sun induced fog, decide not to find an afternoon internet hookup and actually get motivated to demand better of their public officials and themselves. Thanks for trying and please keep it up.

Robert Rosenberg

Houston, Texas

It is of my opinion that no one should blame you or your paper for Mr. Teele's decision to take his life. You are right. Everything you included was just information that is made public. Although many times the media and newspapers just add to the stress one may have with certain issues, his problem was never going to go away. It is sad to see someone so capable of getting somewhere without the need of all the things he did, to go this road.

V. Walters

Via the Internet

In response to the article published in New Times: The article was a modern-day lynching of a black man. The information in the article was not substantiated with evidence from Frederick Davis. Carlton Adderly admits he never gave Mr. Teele money directly for profit. In fact he states he never profited from the money he gave out.

This is why we should allow the law enforcement personnel to do a fair and unbiased investigation. Let the law be enforced in the courtroom and not the newspaper and media. The United States says a man is innocent until proven in a court of law to be guilty. This is not true for black Americans, we are guilty until proven innocent. Arthur Teele's blood is on your hands. I hope you feel better, now find some other ethic groups to find corruption going on, there are plenty in Miami.

I could go on forever, but if I do I will sound as prejudice against other ethic groups as you do in this article. Hate black people as much as you like. We are not all going to kill ourselves. I don't know how you can sleep at night.

Concerned citizen

Via the Internet

I saw on the news today how he committed suicide. I recognize that sometimes exposing the "truth" can be difficult, especially since we are taking about real people's lives. Do you feel in any way responsible for maybe pushing him over the edge?


Via the Internet

I find your journalism to be professional and substantiated. Nevertheless, when you go for someone between the eyes you take on their karma. Regardless of Teele's sins, I think freedom of speech has gone way out of control when you can impact a person's life that leads to suicide. The gun rests in your hands, be more careful next time with your pen.

L. Gold

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Congratulations on your recent killing of Mr. Teele. I hope irresponsible journalists like yourself puff your chests up in pride when things like this happen. After all, "you were just doing your job," right? I bet you crawled into bed last night warm and fuzzy, feeling great about the article. What a coup! I bet it was a thrill to find out that a man died because of what you wrote. You make me and the rest of the United States sick.

Joshua Larson

Buffalo, NY

Where were you when Miriam Alonso, Demetrio Perez, Richard Menendez, Pat Tornillo, Humberto Hernandez, Roger Cuevas, and many others who violated the public's trust for their own gain? I did not read or hear sleaze about them in the newspaper or the media. You know that your sleazy tales will appeal and please all the coalition behind you which's goal is to bring down the black community. Therefore, you have picked and chosen another victim who was already under investigation and he did not need any help with your tales of sleaze to find him guilty. You the media caused more harm than good with your thirst for sensation!

What was your purpose for this article? I don't believe it was to help the prosecution, nor to help find a jury to give Teele a guilty plea. It was just to demonize a human being! Who are you to vilify a human's past deeds to nothing? Which one of you in Miami can cast the first stone as an exemplary citizen? Look around you and name me some politicians who do not have a skeleton in their closet.

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