Letters from the Issue of August 4, 2005

Response to "Tales of Teele," published July 28, 2005

Carlos Correa

Via the Internet

Maybe the Miami Herald and Mr. Alvarado can spend some time reflecting on the way they do business. No wonder the media has no respect.

Aaron Weiss

Via the Internet

Do you honestly think of the consequences of your acts before you do such things. Based on your actions, you have not only killed Art, but have caused pain for his wife, mother, sister, and only son. His blood is on your hands. I only wish that he had waited for you before killing himself.


Birmingham, Alabama

After publishing the series of documents that contained a few references to the late Art Teele that were leaked by members of the Miami Police Department, I trust that you will launch an investigation into the allegations raised in those documents. They were obviously leaked to wreck the credibility of a man who can no longer defend himself.

The evidence contained in the police reports themselves would seem to be extremely tenuous, disingenuous and misleading as they do not clearly describe any major criminal activity whatsoever.

The allegations stemming from the convicted felons as reported in the documents seemed to be self-serving and fabricated in order to serve some purpose other than establishing the truth about the late Art Teele.

The statements attributed to the inmate, Frederick Davis, who was convicted of aggravated assault against a police officer do not appear to contain even the slightest whiff of truth, credibility or veracity.

In fact, the entire issue that was front-paged with the garish Tales of Teele artwork appears to be nothing less than mendacious slander and libel disguised as investigative reportage.

I note that today, even though Commissioner Art Teele died yesterday, there is no further coverage of this deeply troubling case. Why not?

I urge you in the strongest possible terms to publish the truth about what was apparently a vicious vendetta against Commissioner Art Teele that was being prosecuted by powerful political figures in Miami.

Michael Carmichael

Oxford, United Kingdom

Wow! A two for one story. You can now talk about how he is dead! Besides, you are only doing your job.



The firing of Jim DeFede by the Herald was bound to happen at anytime since they just needed the flimsiest of excuses to fire him since he was too hot to handle especially for a newspaper that has taken a turn to the extreme right. As you clearly know Jim was a "no holds barred" journalist and that is indeed a rare breed to find in a right wing environment that is the Miami Herald! El Nuevo Herald is probably celebrating after getting rid of hard hitting journalist such as DeFede and Max Castro. It is unfortunate for the readers and the community that a right wing Mafia does exist here and there are no challengers left. Also it is ironic that DeFede wrote heavily against Luis Posada Carriles the "Cuban terrorist," and we talk about freedom of the press...spare me!!

Asdur Triff


Art Teele was a man with very big problems, and because of sensationalist tabloidistic reporting is now very dead.

Carrie Newman

Ottumwa, Iowa

You went way over the line in your slanted, disrespectful coverage of Arthur Teele. Not that he was blameless, but you took such glee in your öexposes' that he felt had no choice but to take his own life. I hope this haunts you, and follows you, for the rest of your lives.

David Elliott

Palm Coast

Congratulations to your magazine on becoming the first schlub alternative weekly in the United States of America to gain national notoriety for somebody dying as a result of something you printed. I bet your are swelling with pride, like a proud parent cradling their newborn.

Francisco should be fired as soon as possible. The people of Miami should swiftly and immediately confiscate every single page of the next issue of your rag that you distribute citywide. Congratulations on proving the point even further that journalists in our country do not deserve a single ounce of the journalistic freedom that our nation provides.

Joshua Larson

Buffalo, New York

Nice job folks. I use to work for an alternative paper in the Bay Area (not yours!). Your organization always had a reputation for cutthroat tactics. Now you have contributed to someone's death. Nice going. New Times has no soul, your style sucks, even the layout of your pub sucks. Your masthead always reminded me of something that would have come out of WW2 Germany. you are the worst media organization by far in the country. I hope someone someday takes you down!

Lori Chitwood

San Francisco, California

How does it feel to take a man's life? A persons alleged personal life does not belong in a newspaper!


Orlando, Florida

So Francisco Alvarado, after his hatchet job on Teele, said "I was only doing my job." That's exactly what Adolph Eichmann said.

J.B. Robert

Murphy, North Carolina

This letter is to the author of Tales of Teele while I understand your job description, I want to make sure that you are fully aware of the outcome of the story you wrote. Has it ever occurred to you that certain aspects of a mans life remains his own? Since you did such a great job of collecting negative "information" on Mr. Teele you owe him the same respect to publish his positive contributions in the community which I would much rather read about than his personal sex life, etc. How would you feel if the sexual position of your wife and yourself became office chitter chatter? Think before you write next time or consider a career change because you suck, really.

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