Letters from the Issue of August 4, 2005

Response to "Tales of Teele," published July 28, 2005

I am appalled at the inconsistency, even for the New Times yellow-tinted journalism. I expected something to sink my teeth into. Please, if you promise sleaze, then have the courtesy to deliver.

David F. Cox II

Coral Gables

Great job on your Teele story. South Florida deserves to know how our politicians make their money and how their egos make them think they're untouchable.

Tonight Mr. Teele's world came crashing down and he did what any coward would that was uncovered. Hopefully this story is read throughout the world. I'm sure it's not just pertinent to Miami politics.

Phillip M.

Pembroke Pines

There is great tragedy in these final chapters of the life and times of Commissioner Art Teele. I see tragedy in that the local region has lost a valiant and valued City Father; Overtown and related areas have lost a true trusted and loyal advocate and advisor; the Miami Herald and local media professionals have lost a fine journalist with the sudden termination of Jim DeFede [for a possible alleged offense related to unauthorized recording of private conversations]. Similarly, the local Miami-Dade community has lost in much the same way.

All of us need to take a quiet moment, reflect on all that's occurred, give it some serious thought, and learn yet another aspect of what life has to offer, although through the sadness and sorrow of others.

Simon Hendrixx

Coral Gables

The least you could do is put something besides Teele's article itself on your home page. I mean, you can't actually think you can separate what happened from your story, can you?

Name withheld


How can you and Francisco Alvarado sleep at night knowing what both of you did caused someone to take his life? You people just don't know when to stop. "I really feel bad," he said. "I would never want anyone to harm themselves over something I wrote, but at the end of the day, I was just doing my job." Really feel bad? Hmmmm.

Timothy S. Uplander

Boca Raton

I'd like to quote an article then make my comment to the author of "Tales of Teele: Sleaze Stories" (July 28). The quote is as follows: "The writer of the New Times story, Francisco Alvarado, told the Herald it was a ösurreal coincidence' that Teele shot himself the same day his article was published. "I really feel bad," he said. "I would never want anyone to harm themselves over something I wrote, but at the end of the day, I was just doing my job."

Normally I would read a story like this and go on, with my life, with my job. I'll confess I wasn't following the Teele case and in another time, I'd probably skip over the article but for some reason I stopped on this one. I am sickened by the experience.

The quote from Mr. Alvarado strikes a wrong cord with me at the end. It strikes me as saying I'd feel bad but it was my job.

Someone died. While not expecting anyone who didn't know the man to care as deeply as his relations would, I am furious that someone would dismiss their role in the death as "just doing my job."

When will people, especially reporters who have more power then the "average" person, take responsibility for their actions? I'm sure Mr. Alvarado expected Mr. Teele to take responsibility for his, that's why he wrote his story. Maybe someone should turn the tables on the press and start prying apart their lives? There is an idea for an article, research how many deaths are caused by the news! I doubt it would see print.

If claiming to do your job, helps you sleep at night great job Mr. Alvarado. I hope you get promoted for making more news.

Cheryl Richter

Kansas City, Kansas

I just read the story (online) on Art Teele, mainly because I was interested in reading the story after hearing about his death earlier today. I was not a fan of his and I can see that there is evidence that he was corrupt, but the section of the story about him and a male prostitute is out of line. I got the impression that the writer of the story doesn't even believe it. So, why print it! According to this article the prostitute gave nothing that sounded like real proof of a relationship with Teele; I can only guess you guys printed it to pad up your sleazy angle on the story for your cover art and title.

I know this story probably didn't contribute to his death or at least I hope it didn't. It's unclear to me at this time whether or not Mr. Teele had an opportunity to read this article before his death. Now that he is dead, in your future stories on him in the days to come, I hope you give these stories some more thought before you print something or at least give a more balanced explanation of this man's life, be it right or wrong what he did. If I'm wrong, or your newspaper believes you had a good reason for doing this, please let me know.

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