Letters from the Issue of August 4, 2005

Response to "Tales of Teele," published July 28, 2005

Bob Manley

Via the Internet

Would like to know how you feel about the man killing himself? If your family member was in a rut as this man was, would you have allowed the nine-page spread for press release. Just a question. I am sure the transvestite story will sooner or later come out to be a lie and how will your newspaper feel then? I do not usually read the New Times but I did last week when I found out Mr. Teele killed himself. Hopefully the institution that I work at will discontinue to have a stand and ban your newspaper.



A smart parasite knows better than to kill its host.

Mike Poller

Writers like you are the primary reason I choose not to be a journalist anymore. The way you and your paper packaged and marketed that story was guaranteed to wound and humiliate and did far worse. I know you will rationalize and justify until the cows come in how all you did was expand upon what was already out there. What did this salacious hearsay have to do with the nuts and bolts of the case other than to destroy Art Teele in the court of public opinion? This male whore can't recall dates, places or phone numbers yet everyone is taking his word like gospel. I sure wouldn't want to be in your shoes because you have blood guilt that you'll carry for life.

Phyllis D. Huguenin

Former Columnist

I am appalled that you would stoop so low as to grovel through the mud like swine and make such a report without validation except through alleged police reports that were already known. Whenever you receive your paychecks remember that Art Teele's blood pays your salary. His private escapades had absolutely nothing to do with the charges against him. I guess that the corruption charges against him was just not enough so you dug through the mud for any sleazy tidbits to fuel your own appetite. As far as this transvestite, your story was so-o-o graphic that it would put you in the same room as a participant of the act.


Via the Internet

Just last week the media was wallowing in Mr. Teele's muddy demise like swine in a pigsty. Come 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, when he decides to take his life at the Herald building, he suddenly becomes a beloved leader of the masses and everyone, like Pilate, washes their hands, bestowing praises on the man everyone labeled a con. I am no longer enticed to keep on reading or subscribing to this newspaper and I can tell you many of my peers feel the same way. Furthermore, I felt that it was unfair that Mr. Jim DeFede was fired over the taping of the conversation he had with Mr. Teele.

[Herald publisher Jesus] Diaz's statement that Mr. DeFede's actions caused his firing and undermined public trust in the paper, is but a cover for the truth -- "The public's trust is at stake as a result of Jim's actions,'' Diaz said. "We have to make sure that the public understands that trust is the most important value that the community bestows upon us.'' If there was anyone at the Herald that I admired most and whose columns I enjoyed because they contained "in your face" reporting not meant to maintain or please the keepers of the status quo, that was Mr. DeFede. If there was anyone at the Herald whom the public trusted, that was Mr. DeFede.

Of course, when heads need to roll they must, and who better to swing the axe on the unsuspecting victim at the chopping block than the big honchos themselves under the excuse that he broke "ethical standards." This, as if there were no other punishments at hand or as if in day-to-day operations, there is not one reporter who commits these little peccadilloes in the name of reporting, but which go unnoticed or unpunished because they keep their sins to themselves! But for a paper, which at times had written negatively about Mr. Teele to then direct condolences to his wife in the front page next to a picture of the man in a puddle of blood, it's the most hypocritical mark and low point of everything that could come from such organization. Perhaps the condolences are just meant to soothe or avoid legal repercussions from Mr. Teele's wife and family over those taped conversations. You have lost many subscribers today!

Enrico di Parma

Miami Beach

The inflicted death of Art Teele is nothing short of poor judgment, bad taste on dissemination of news through the media and extremely poor journalism that drove this man to commit such an act. This is simply sensationalism to the highest bidder on any publication or so called journalistic, so much for the First Amendment.

Aida M Colavito


"Tales of Sleaze," the so-called exposé of Art Teele, I have one question: Where's the sleaze? You promised me "Male prostitutes and multiple mistresses..." but all I got was a jailbird transvestite (who claimed the ex-commish as a client after seeing him on TV) and a young Bahamian hootchie mamma.

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