Letters from the Issue of August 4, 2005

Response to "Tales of Teele," published July 28, 2005

To blame this in any way on the media is a disgrace. Mr. Teele loved the media and the media spotlight. Why else would you shoot yourself in the lobby of the same paper you say brought you down? He was in control of the situation even at the very end. What a spinster. To say the media "hounded him down" is not accurate. I personally remember a picture in the front page of the Herald's Metro section of Mr. Teele at a groundbreaking ceremony with the shovel in his hand accompanied by an article on his involvement with the project. It was a positive article. I don't think he felt hounded then? But now, according to today's news, his family and friends say they are "sick of the media" and are not allowing them close to the church in Tallahassee. What a sinister twist.

Having just returned from a vacation abroad to the news of Mr. Teele's suicide, just confirms the fact that in this country most politicians all seem to have taken a course in Spinning 101. And, not the exercise type, but the kind of spinning that gets you so dizzy you are either hypnotized by the rhetoric, or too busy to care. Art Teele might have been a great man at one point but he leaves this world a disgrace, a disgrace he created all by himself.

Lucy Vega


Art Teele was a crook. We all knew that, but even Teele didn't deserve the hatchet job you did on him this week. Releasing unsubstantiated charges about his private life was bad enough, but the racist cartoon pictures that accompanied the article were disgusting.

This piece was not written and published to inform the public. This article had one intent: to humiliate, embarrass and degrade Mr. Teele. You and your paper set out to finally and publicly destroy Art Teele. In that, Mr. Alvarado, you certainly succeeded. I hope you are satisfied. Your family must be so very proud.

Robert Lawrence


Great job on the Art Teele story. Maybe now you can write a comparable story on Fidel Castro and get the same results.

I have read the paper you write for since it was called the Wave. Yes, I am a native Miamian which means that I have had the opportunity to watch as the New Times has gone from a hard-hitting investigative good source of information on many subjects to a slime ball advertising periodical. I will not even use your paper to line my cat's box or put in the newspaper recycling bin for fear that it might turn up again in an envelope that I might lick to close.

Mr. Alvarado, your writing style is shameful. Your editor is just as much to blame as you are for allowing you to write such trash. Who taught you to mix facts with allegations? Yes Mr. Teele was convicted of threatening a police officer, but to include "ten felony counts" at the end of the same sentence infers that Mr. Teele is or will be convicted of these allegations as well. Why not just come out and say that "I feel Mr. Teele will be convicted of these ten other counts" in a separate sentence? Would that be overly direct and leave you open to being wrong if he was not convicted? I really hope you have a run in with the Miami Police Department some day for something that you did not do. I am not saying that Mr. Teele is innocent, but for a newspaper to write in such a way that it makes a person look guilty beyond any reasonable doubt is just plain yellow journalism and wrong. Please clean up your act and become a real journalist who writes concise sentences that are either fact or opinion, not both mixed together.

In the future I can assure you that I will be taking three newspapers from the rack each week. I'll read one, use one as a foot mat at my front door, and pick-up my dog's poop with the other. I'll probably get more utility out of your paper as a foot mat and a poop picker-upper.

Lowell Kuvin

Miami Beach

Somebody who knows what goes on at the Miami Herald tell me if I'm close here. Jesus Diaz, Jr., Herald publisher, Cuban-American Republican, good Christian, voted Bush for governor and president twice, thought Elian Gonzalez should be kept in Miami, thought the feeding tube should be reinserted in Terri Schiavo, supports the war in Iraq, disliked DeFede's columns critical of the U.S. embargo of Cuba and Luis Posada Carriles.

Tom Fiedler, executive editor, wet-noodle of a liberal Democrat, fatally compromised any political principle to climb up the ladder with Knight Ridder, crows about the hiring of Jim DeFede and the firing bothers what's left of his conscience but long past time when he could stand up for anything.

Diaz and Fiedler, both cowards, fired Jim DeFede on the orders of their political masters.

J. Brown-Stevenson

North Miami Beach

Gutless reporting is the norm today. How about taking on Bush and the CorpoNazis.

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