Letters from the Issue of August 4, 2005

Response to "Tales of Teele," published July 28, 2005

Why don't you writers write a sleaze story on how forms of media pay off people to come forward or bargain information. Don't tell me it doesn't happen because I am pretty sure your crackhead informants, including the transvestite asked for some money. "And you the small time contractor paying them with your snuff attitude." I feel and prey for Art's family and friends that I cried about in this article because there will always be a sister, brother, father, mother, cousins, uncles, and all those linked to his passion. Closing, I mean no disrespect to the New Times. I want to see good articles with these creative ideas that focus on the positives of life. Step into the light and we can make Miami a place of respect and honor. "Love we must and must we learn."

Danniel Lozano


Your treatment of Art Teele was nothing short of appalling. If that had been your father or husband, I don't believe that you would have been so quick to destroy him the way you did. It is not a matter of guilt or innocence, but rather a lack of any professionalism or compassion on your part. But that is probably the reason that you are working at the level that you are.

Scott Ness

Via the Internet

Yes, the power of the pen is indeed greater than the sword. Is Mr. Teele's death enough? Are you now satisfied? You guys are some sick puppies.

Wilbert Hobbs


Mr. Alvarado you should be ashamed, a person's private life is nobody's business, how would you like for some reporter to dig into you or your family's private life. If Mr. Teele had affairs, was it with your wife or sister, then...



Is this your brand of journalism? I hope you and all the other irresponsible poor excuse for journalists are finally happy. I really hope you sleep well; his blood is on your hands.

Nadir S


That Teele story was better than any ever written with Miami Herald reporters and Herald ink. Now you have a warm up how about doing some of this same work with the other Miami political establishment? Why not start with the Dade County School Board? I understand it could be really juicy stuff even better than Art Teele. Or the Miami VA Hospital. Sock it to them!

Leonard Wheeler


When I saw it was a politician I knew either sex, construction, or money laundering was behind it. Too bad. And he was one of Reagan's boys.


Via the Internet

What disappointment and hell your story has presented to the resident of Miami and Mr. Teele's family. The blood of a human being is on your hands and you do need to repent and ask God for his forgiveness.


Houston, Texas

"...I was just doing my job." Now where have I heard that line before? You chose that job. At the end of the day, each of us must take responsibility for our actions.

Dee McConnell

Las Vegas NV

A story like that would cause a man to blow his brains out. I hope you explain your motives.

Name withheld

Via the Internet

Just read your little quote on CNN.com, "I really feel bad," he said. "I would never want anyone to harm themselves over something I wrote, but at the end of the day, I was just doing my job."

I have not read your article, but I am assuming it didn't truly lead to this man's death (since it was published the same day). However, I think your phrase, "...I was just doing my job." yikes...that was a bad choice. Just because you were "doing your job" doesn't mean you don't take responsibility for your actions (you probably already heard this too, but you know sometimes you gotta hear it more than once). I dunno, I am just a young guy who doesn't know what I am talking about, but American culture loves to gossip, even if it hurts someone else, boy am I glad that I am a nobody, sometimes. But hey, things can always change!



I'm sorry about the aftermath of your story and how you feel. Cheer up. Read what happened to me at www.timbullard.com with the Village Voice story. They just busted this whorehouse again, arresting an ex-county coroner. I'm a journalist, and I feel bad every time somebody threatens a lawsuit. You have to keep going. You have to keep your chin up. Don't get too drunk. Try to face it sober. This happens. It just happened to you. It's a great story. Award-winning. The mainstream media continues to be scooped by alternative rags like you all, and it's a good thing. When you get to feeling bad about all this, just keep your head high, don't apologize, be proud, pray, see a priest or a shrink but never say you're sorry. I know how crooked things are. I live in South Carolina. Take it easy. I have a newspaper column down here, and if you want to tell your story, let me know. Good luck.

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