Letters from the Issue of August 4, 2005

Response to "Tales of Teele," published July 28, 2005

We will never know the outcome in a court of law of all of the allegations leveled against Mr. Teele and we have you (in part) to thank for that. Did Mr. Teele do anything right for his community and did you ever report some of the positive developments he was involved in?

Regardless of the many excuses you give now and will give in the future, Mr. Teele's blood will forever be on your hands.

Ron Veazie

Guadalupe, California

You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves for printing the exposé on Art Teele that "pushed" him over the edge. I am the brother of Former City Commissioner Cary Keno (Fort Lauderdale 1991-1997). A few years back he was indicted on some bogus "trumped" up charges, that the City Link newspaper ran with, and made him look like the next coming of Al Capone. He was eventually fully exonerated, when the single witness against him admitted it was all a lie, but unfortunately the papers never would print the truth, just sensationalism of it all. It ruined by brother's reputation, marriage and political career. Not to mention the amount of money for the legal fees he had to spend to prove his innocence. Did the press kill Teele? Yes! Because I've seen first hand what the press can do to good politicians...they did it to my brother (he's alive, but politically dead) but unfortunately Teele is dead forever. Thanks guys, give yourselves a big pat on the back, your mother(s) should be proud.

Bruce Keno

Fort Lauderdale

Cut this shit out..he's gone to a better place we all hope. So find something a little more productive or worth reading about. All this foolishness you're writing means absolutely nothing now that he's gone...i.e., go fetch some of the real criminals.

None of Yo Business


I chose not to be judgmental towards you for printing this story. I just feel that maybe this was the last and heaviest item to break Mr. Teele. I realize that as a reporter it is your duty to publish the truth, and the whole truth. My only question is, can you state without any doubts that all of this is the truth. I saw the video interview with the so-called homosexual lover of Mr. Teele, and honestly, I don't believe him. Any third grade psychologist could tell that he was lying by body movement, and eye contact (none) with the interviewer. Besides, if I'm in jail, why wouldn't I throw around a commissioner's name, to possibly get a deal to be released.

Any way, I don't blame you for his suicide. That was his decision and his alone. But I do hope and pray for your sake, that everything in this article is true, because if not, the community will never trust a word that you print again.

Snovia Slater

Duluth, Georgia

I would like to comment on this week's cover page story "Tales of Teele: Sleaze Stories." As you already know the article could not have been published at a worse time. In light of Teele's death & mourning your magazine has opportunistically taken this time to further exploit the situation. All the cover stories for your website's homepage showed nothing more than accusatory articles demeaning the man's character rather than an apology to his family or R.I.P to him. It's just bad timing & poor taste, after such an abrupt and unforeseen ending to Teele's life.

Until now, I regularly read the Miami New Times on a weekly basis but found this particular story to be border-line tabloid reading. There was no investigative journalism to it, just carefully selected police surveillance reports which would only lead the reader to believe the absolute worst of Art Teele. Furthermore, after logging on to your website today I shockingly see more "smut" and "biased writing" covering a decade's worth of articles aimed at Teele. Despite your depictions of him (good or bad) he at least deserves the respect and honor any man earns in death.

Although, your magazine may not feel there is a need to apologize for fact-based information within this article, I feel the main cause for apology is bad timing & poor taste. Regardless of the profuse media slander & accusations, he will always be loved, respected & remembered by his family and community. Thank you for taking the time to consider my thoughts, opinions and feelings on the matter.


Via the Internet

I will keep this fairly simple. I am not a resident of Miami but of course I've read about what has happened with former commissioner Teele. My opinion in it all is that he may have been wronged, but what pleasure are you all taking in dragging his name through the mud. Especially the individual who wrote the article about him. "Just doing your job" is one thing but do it with tact. Just as the Miami Herald columnist was fired so should the writer responsible for Teele's death. And, yes he was responsible.



Crossing the line in time we find things missing. It happens most of the times with the New Times. New Times' articles penetrate above and beyond the call of duty, some times good and some times hurtful. Art Teele was person who was being hit with a saga of depressing information being poured through all forms of media. Can we conclude from this outcome that empathy and understanding be exercised on what should be published. Further, New Times' "Sleaze Stories" are based on rumors and eager beaver concepts. Its so sad that a young Caucasian Cuban descendant as myself has to put Francisco Alvarado's story where it's leading to right about now, "Why oh why do you think you are so creative with your vice City theme, can you brain wash to comprehend concrete facts. People will never remember any of the good things, just the bad. You have surveillance in your article, time frames, the works."

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