Letters from the Issue of August 4, 2005

Response to "Tales of Teele," published July 28, 2005

John Colagrande Jr.

Little Haiti

Editor, öJust doing my job.' As a bottom feeder I guess. I'm sure you've already rationalized what you've done. There was no need for all that irrelevant garbage except to sell papers. For the $$$. Congratulations. You are no better then the people & institutions you are forever öexposing.' Sleep well.

Reg Sermersheim


Upon reading the article written (and I use that word loosely) by Francisco Alvarado about the late Art Teele. I was appalled by the fact that the editors of the New Times permitted such a story to go to press with the raw data taken from unconfirmed police sources. Information that is published by newspapers, particularly in circumstances of investigative journalism, should be subjected to rigorous scrutiny to determine reliability. Incidents of erroneous facts making their way into the news have occurred all too often to warrant repeating. Not withstanding the need to confirm stories, verify tips and facts, the New Times chose to publish the most painful, sordid and lurid details which in this case were provided to detectives by an informant and others without even trying to confirm the accuracy of the reports themselves. Most tragically perhaps for Mr. Teele and those who wish to honor his memory, the New Times published sexual details about a person's life with what appears to be little or no regard for the possible consequences. How terribly irresponsible. Did anyone ever think to question whether Frederick Davis (if that's his true name) was just spinning a jail house yarn in the hopes of reducing a sentence? For the record I do not know Art Teele and am new to Miami, but I could not let stand what I feel was a serious journalistic error on the part of your newspaper which I enjoy reading very much.

Ivan Mercado

North Miami FL

I am a supporter of free press and expression as I come from a country which denies these rights, however, there are such things as integrity and professionalism.

I read your paper because it is available at my gym. I have always found it to be a little rough on the edges and lacking true reporting qualities but, I have not classified your paper as a real source of news. Entertaining and fun, yes!

Last night I saw interviews of the gentleman that wrote the article on various television stations. Now I understand the rough edges.

I am sorry to say that there was not a single intelligent, meaningful comment coming from his mouth. As far as I am concerned he is a shmuck off the street with a fake certificate claiming to be a journalist. He fooled you! You should do a background check on it.

He was sweating profusely, could not say two words without saying under his voice "you know," "I mean" etc. Where did you get this 6th grade journalist wanna be?

I think what was done with Arthur Teele was morally incorrect but, you should have at least given him the dignity of having the article that caused his demise to have been written by someone who has at least a high school education, pleasing conduct, appearance and manners.

I am sorry but he is physically disgusting. Hide him in some closet and give him the How to dress, speak and act for success guide.

Lilia Crespo


While I am not a resident of Miami, I feel compelled to comment on your östory' about Mr. Teele since it garnered national headlines. I would personally be ashamed of myself for sleeping with law enforcement and trying so hard to sell their side of a story to the general public and thus assisting in destroying a man based on allegations (not yet facts). Law enforcement gets free front page articles thanks to the trash you disguise as journalism. I believe our judicial system is designed to punish people for their wrongs, not our media. Journalism was once a respectable art; you are helping lead it to the level of bad used car salesman. I guess you'll be able to sleep knowing that you probably helped your circulation increase that week and Mr. Alvarado will probably get a promotion. I was under the false assumption that news journalism was based on reporting facts and/or trying to get to the truth through a system of checks and balances. One method to use is to place yourself in the shoes of the victim you are chasing/harassing and ask would it be fair for thousands of people to read östories (gossip)' about you that are not substantiated. Should we be entitled to know your history (especially your sexual history) since journalists' report important stories on public figures? (Your staff is already harassing the new commissioner, Mr. Allen, because they can't get an interview. I believe that should be considered abuse of power).

Here's an idea, why not report on the exploitation of the poor, research and report on the corporate class that don't earn the extravagant salaries they are paid, or the needs of less fortunate children in your community (too boring). There are thousands of interesting factual östories' that would be great front page articles if you use creative verbal and journalistic skills to present them to a public that still loves to read well-written articles other than filth and copies of police reports.

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