Letters from the Issue of August 4, 2005

Response to "Tales of Teele," published July 28, 2005

Name Withheld by Request

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The drama and spectacle of Commissioner Art Teele's rise and fall has been played out as well as any Greek tragedy or Shakespearean play. When I first read the articles and saw the TV news stories I thought that perhaps the media was recycling old Joe Gersten stories.

How sad for Teele's family, friends, supporters and our community that this Act III had to end with such a violent and loud exclamation point. Many of his efforts did help Miami and his Overtown district. However, living a double life, in debt and with deception is no excuse for his many accomplishments.

How could an elected government official conceal his financial woes and IRS tax debts for so many years? How is it possible for anyone, especially an elected official, to be granted a personal loan by the Port Authority? Where were the checks and balances? Is it possible that former Arthur Anderson personnel are in charge of looking out for our city's best interest?

Why was DeFede fired for doing his job? Who would have believed the last conversation of Teele if DeFede had not recorded it? How would we have known the real Richard Nixon without those infamous secrets White House tapes?

DeFede felt guilty for recording the last words of Teele without asking permission. His conversation did not drive Teele to desperation and its final conclusion. The recording or lack of it would not have altered Teele's decision. DeFede could have concealed the fact that he even made a recording. But he felt that he owed it to his employer the Miami Herald to let them know the truth. The truth should not be punished. The truth, especially in media should be appreciated and applauded.

I suspect that the Miami Herald had other reasons for firing DeFede. Perhaps he ruffled too many feathers with his insightfully well-written exposés. Perhaps they were afraid of all of the many lawsuits that will be forthcoming very soon. Perhaps they made a bad employment contract with DeFede, where they had to pay his salary by the pound.

How dare the State Attorney's office release any information about a case before going to court! Depositions and investigations should be sealed until presented in a trial!

How dare the New Times print police logs and unproven testimonials, especially from criminals, even if they were made available to them legally!

Like all of us, I was shocked to learn that Teele had ended his Act III at the Miami Herald. I suppose that he could have received the same amount of media coverage if he had chosen another locale such as the New Times office, City Hall, or elsewhere. I am just glad that he did not take anyone out with him.

Let's hope that future Miami politicians and administrators that perform criminal acts will go more gently into that good night.

Harry Emilio Gottlieb

Coconut Grove

Shame on you, sleaze newspaper is what you are.

Teresita Bocanegra


You wanted the head of Arthur Teele, you got it! I hope that you are proud of the empire you have built by driving men to their deaths. In your all out quest for power and gold, you can now save on the cost of ink by printing your paper with the blood of those you drive to the slaughter. If there is any blood left, you and your media cohorts can use it to raise a toast tonight at the country club for the "one (literally) down."

Tell me this, what is the difference in the destruction you in the media cause with your vicious pens and what the other terrorists do with their evil (bomb) pins?

Mary Haywood

Camilla, Georgia

Hi, New Times. I've just finished reading your latest main book...errr...I mean main article -- this one about Art Teele and his passions of the flesh and other assorted foibles. I only wish you had made it longer. Your main articles are approximately the length of a James Michener novel - and that just isn't enough for me. When I pick up the New Times I don't want concise and cogent writing as exemplified by your latest Art Teele book...errrr...tell all article. I want length, length and more length. Thanks...Thanks...and Thanks again...etc.

Kate Sundkvistie

Miami Springs

This paper is sleaze. It should make a statement of the ownership of letters sent prior to individuals writing letters.


Via the Internet

How do we know that the Miami New Times was not paid to attack Arthur Teele?

Name withheld by request

Via the Internet

The blood of Teele literally lies on the floor of The Herald Building; well, his blood also stains the fingers of New Times and its writers. The question remains: is this necessarily a bad thing? Journalists have their duties and these duties are as sensationalistic as any politician's duties. That's the truth. However, it is a politician's spinful lie (or a journalistic delusion) for Alvarado to call the connection between Teele's suicide on the day of the New Times' article a "surreal coincidence." The two events were definitely connected.

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