Letters from the Issue of August 4, 2005

Response to "Tales of Teele," published July 28, 2005

 Editor's note: We received hundreds of letters following the publication last week of "Tales of Teele," which consisted of verbatim excerpts from a police investigation into Arthur Teele, Jr. The investigative report had been released to the public on May 4, 2005, by the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office. This sampling of messages has been restricted to local readers, but the sentiments expressed are representative of the overall response. Additional letters can be found further down on this Web page.

On Arthur E. Teele, Jr., and "Tales of Teele"

It is people like Francisco Alvarado, author of "Tales of Teele," who give reporters a bad name. How dare he say that, at the end of the day, he was just doing his job. In case he hasn't realized it, a man is dead. Arthur Teele shot himself because New Times and the rest of the media idiots portrayed him as some kind of monster. You took an already difficult situation and made it unbearable.

As far as "Tales of Teele" being a compilation of previous reports -- please. Any idiot understands that rumors can be repeated only so many times before they are assumed to be fact. Thank you for spreading rumors about a good man and contributing to his death. I hope your paychecks are worth a man's life.

Dominique L. Pierce


Francisco Alvarado, are you satisfied? I am amazed! You can call yourself a killer. You have no respect for anyone. Even less for yourself.

Julie Diaz


Mr. Teele's sudden suicide means he will not be able to defend himself against the vicious attacks by Francisco Alvarado and New Times. Mr. Alvarado should be ashamed of himself. Out of respect for his family and his memory, he should have pulled the plug on his article, or at least now make an attempt to apologize for it.

Mr. Alvarado should be feeling a little guilty tonight. I know he's not going to have a good night's rest. Shame on him!

Lourdes Pupo


I read "Tales of Teele" and want to congratulate New Times on a job well done. I am tired of politicians thinking they can get away with anything. If we had more reporters like Francisco Alvarado, maybe they would think twice before they act.

I heard that some are asking for a public apology from Alvarado. He should not give in. He has nothing to be sorry for. He reported the facts. If Teele committed suicide, it's not because of the article; it's because of a guilty conscience.

Thank you for keeping the public informed.

Nora Martinez


New Times strikes again. What a great record: Elian, the Catholic Church, Alex Penelas, Xavier Suarez, Joe Carollo, exiles, now Teele. Who is next on the list?

First you use them, then you strike them dead. It is disgusting to see where the press is taking us in the name of liberalism.

Joe Requejo


I'm assuming Mr. Teele's suicide brings home to New Times and Francisco Alvarado the fact that not only sticks and stones can break bones. I have lived in Miami-Dade County for twenty years and am as disgusted as the next person by the level of graft and public corruption that takes place here with seeming impunity. However, once a public official has been brought down, do we really need to know the details of his personal indiscretions? I don't, and I'm offended by the lack of decency that allows journalists like Alvarado to meet the demand for this type of National Enquirer crap.

I won't try to make Alvarado feel any worse than I'm sure he already does. I will assume he will give a second thought to writing an unnecessary exposé like this again. Somebody's life may depend on that judgment.

Sally Botts Mastos


I am writing in an attempt to clear up inaccuracies in the article "Tales of Teele," in which my name was mentioned. I never spoke to anyone at New Times, so I find it disturbing how carelessly and haphazardly my name was thrown around.

Specifically the article states, "Pierre believes that the [Community Redevelopment Agency] hired employees with big titles, but they lacked the knowledge or ability to perform their individual jobs." I did not say that. This was an inference made in the 2003 City of Miami internal audit report referring to past employment practices, prior to the current administration.

While I am not negating the poor performance of one specific former employee of the CRA (Catricia Alphonse), as I was quoted saying in the Miami Herald (October 19, 2003), which is where I assume New Times retrieved its information, I am concerned how information was misconstrued and disseminated through mass media without any merit and little foundation. I believe it is New Times's responsibility to be completely factual and to thoroughly check resources prior to publication to avoid erroneous information.

Also from the New Times article: "According to Pierre, it was a common rumor that Catricia Alphonse was having an affair with Commissioner Teele." Again, I did not say that nor would I comment on the personal life or affiliations of something I knew nothing about.

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