In the Aftermath

For public figures and journalists alike, actions have consequences

The State Attorney's Office had gone through a similar process. Prosecutors decided what to include and what to exclude from their report. It was the State Attorney who chose to release everything from rumors of romantic entanglements to the recollections of a former lover to the statement of prostitute Frederick Davis -- none of which resulted in criminal charges but all of which might very well have come up at trial. We published nearly 11,000 words, exactly as they were presented to the public three months ago.

To date no one knows if Teele read the article before ending his life. At the least, it's likely he'd heard about it. Did it contribute to his fateful decision? Only Art Teele knows the answer to that question, and he took it with him to his grave. I am left to wonder and to worry, and will do so for years to come.

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