Tales of Teele: Sleaze Stories

Male prostitutes and multiple mistresses, drug money in Gucci shopping bags, bribery and extortion conspiracies. And you thought you'd heard it all about Art Teele.

Ralph SanchezOn November 4, 2004, at approximately 10:00 a.m., this investigator received a phone call from a person who wished to remain anonymous. The caller stated that Ralph Sanchez, the person affiliated with the racetrack in Homestead, Florida, paid for Arthur Teele's car. The caller could not specify if it was a rental car or a personal car. The caller was also unable to provide a specific date and/or time of occurrence; however, the caller did state that this took place when there were items pending before the Board of Miami-Dade County Commissioners pertaining to the Homestead Speedway. This would indicate that this incident took place sometime prior to January 1, 1997, when Arthur Teele was a Miami-Dade County Commissioner. The caller could not or would not provide any further information on this incident.

Dick JudyOn Tuesday, November 30, 2004, Investigators Juan Koop and Alex Chuckman, along with Sergeant Frank Frisenda, interviewed [former Miami-Dade aviation director and CRA consultant] Mr. Dick Judy at his home in Cedar Key, Florida. Unfortunately, Mr. Judy's memory of many events in his life has faded as a result of dementia.

Evens ThermilusMay 1999: Mr. Thermilus stated that he gave $5,000 in cash to Commissioner Teele as part of their future business. Mr. Thermilus called it "good faith money." Thermilus stated that he understood that he had to "pay to play."

March 2001: Mr. Thermilus stated that he specifically remembered paying Commissioner Teele $25,000 cash because Commissioner Teele requested that amount, and "it really hurt to give that much at one time."

April 2001: Mr. Thermilus stated that he paid Commissioner Teele $10,000 in cash, which was Commissioner Teele's idea. The cash was placed in a shopping bag and given to Commissioner Teele in the kitchen at Mr. Thermilus's home.

May 2002: Mr. Thermilus stated that he paid $15,000 in cash to Commissioner Teele, and he further alleged that the payoff was tied to the CRA parking lot job.

October 2003: Mr. Thermilus stated that he paid Commissioner Teele $10,000 in cash. Commissioner Teele requested that Mr. Thermilus meet him at Charles Hadley Park in the parking lot with the money. Commissioner Teele placed the money in his jacket.

December 1999 (just prior to Christmas) between 10:30-11:00 p.m.: Mr. Thermilus stated that he was residing at 6455 Pine Tree Drive, Miami Beach. He had a safe in the floor where he kept large amounts of cash. He recalled receiving a telephone call from Commissioner Teele, who stated that he was on his way to pick up $20,000. Mr. Thermilus called this an "advance fee," which signified that the two were "going to do some things." He stated that he removed the money from the safe and placed it on his bed (upstairs), while Ms. Tammy McNair (his wife) observed. The money was in four stacks, wrapped with triple rubber bands. Each stack contained $5,000.

Tammy McNairMcNair stated that she was fully aware that Teele came to their residence in Miami Beach to collect money that Thermilus was paying him. McNair stated that in one particular incident in late 1999, she walked into the master bedroom and saw two stacks of money wrapped in a rubber band on the bed. McNair asked Thermilus how much money was on the bed and he replied, "$20,000." McNair then asked Thermilus if he was going gambling and he replied, "No. Psycho is coming over to pick up money." McNair understood that when Thermilus used the term "Psycho," he was talking about Teele.

Evens ThermilusMr. Thermilus stated that Commissioner Teele arrived, and he responded downstairs into the kitchen area where the two talked. He further recalled pouring Teele a glass of blush wine and placing the four stacks, totaling $20,000 cash, into a shopping bag from an upscale merchant. The bag is described as a glossy Gucci paper bag. The bag containing the money was given to Commissioner Teele. Thermilus advised that the money was taken out of the $92,000 cash he received from Leon Butler.

Mr. Thermilus stated Commissioner Teele "needed to do something for you, in order to get something from you, to control you."

Mr. Thermilus admitted that he allowed himself to be controlled by loyalty, fear, and greed.

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