Tales of Teele: Sleaze Stories

Male prostitutes and multiple mistresses, drug money in Gucci shopping bags, bribery and extortion conspiracies. And you thought you'd heard it all about Art Teele.

F. Davis explained that he met "Art" through his friend "Larry." He advised that his friend was also known as "Stacy" or "Click" and also worked as a prostitute. F. Davis said that he came to Miami from Orlando to visit his friend, who was in the hospital with a critical gunshot wound. His friend had received the gunshot wound while working as a prostitute when a client attempted to rob him. The robbery occurred sometime during the early part of the year 2003 at Club Ice, which had an unknown exact address on NW 79 Street east of I-95. The victim succumbed to his injury sometime prior to May 2003. F. Davis related that before his friend died, he told him that he had a good client, who he had been servicing for several years and who would pay $450 per session. He stated that the client, known only as "Art," would engage in oral and anal sexual relations and would also use cocaine during the meetings. F. Davis said that he believed that the only reason that his friend gave him the referral to "Art" was because he knew he was going to die.

F. Davis said that he programmed "Art's" pager number into his Cingular wireless telephone. He said that he regularly disposes of his cellular telephone and he could not remember the number. He said that sometime around April 2003 he paged "Art" and he called him back from a pay phone. He advised that they agreed to meet at a BP service station on 183 Street in North Miami. He said that he could not remember what vehicle "Art" arrived in but said that he usually drove either a new tan Chevrolet Impala or a new dark-colored Chevrolet Malibu. He also recalled that "Art" usually had an Avis tag on the vehicle keys. He described "Art" as a large, heavyset black male with "salt and pepper" hair and gold-colored wire-framed glasses. He added that the glasses were different from the ones he saw him wearing on television on the day of his arrest.

F. Davis advised that they decided to go to a motel. He followed "Art" to a motel on Miami Beach on the beach side of the road near a car lot. He explained that since he was not from the area, he was unable to further describe the location.

According to F. Davis, once they arrived at the motel, "Art" gave him $50 to rent the room and instructed him to cover the doorway light so he could enter the room without being illuminated. He stated that once they were in the room, "Art" asked him if he had any cocaine. F. Davis told him that he did not; however, he was able to contact his friend "Peaches," who brought an "eight ball" of cocaine, which "Art" paid $180 for. F. Davis said that his friend did not see "Art" because he left immediately after delivering the cocaine to him at the door. F. Davis added that while they were waiting for the cocaine, "Art" drank a bottle of white Zinfandel wine while he watched pornographic movies on the television.

F. Davis said that they used the cocaine and he performed oral sex (mouth-penis) on "Art" and then "Art" performed oral sex on him. He advised that "Art" then requested that F. Davis engage in anal intercourse (F. Davis's penis into "Art's" anus) with him. F. Davis advised that he was paid $450 for the session. He stated that afterward, he went to the hospital to thank his friend "Larry" for the referral. He did not see him that day because the visiting hours were already over.

This investigator asked F. Davis if he could recall any unusual marks or tattoos on "Art." He could not. He was asked if he could recall any other details which might help corroborate his allegation. He said that he remembered that "Art" had some type of medical problem such as high blood pressure or diabetes. He saw "Art" taking some sort of small pills. F. Davis said that it was the nature of his business not to meddle in his clients' personal business, so he had very little conversation with him that was not related to sex.

F. Davis said that he had a total of approximately four or five similar sexual encounters with "Art." He added that they used other motels. He stated that they always engaged in oral sex on each other and, at times, "Art" would also penetrate F. Davis's anus with his penis. He said that they always used cocaine. F. Davis said that the price for the sexual rendezvous was always $450. He said that his friend "Stacy" never provided any background information on "Art." He reiterated the fact that he did not know he was a public official until he saw the television report.

F. Davis was asked why he decided to report the incident. F. Davis said that he brought up the incident as a side note during his conversation with Detective G. Bayas. He said that he did not intend to become involved in the investigation. He said that if it was not for his arrest, he would still be servicing "Art," who was becoming a well-paying regular client. He also said that he would try to find any telephone or pager number that he had for "Art" and would contact this investigator if he did.

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