Tales of Teele: Sleaze Stories

Male prostitutes and multiple mistresses, drug money in Gucci shopping bags, bribery and extortion conspiracies. And you thought you'd heard it all about Art Teele.

Actually, Evens called me up, right, and told me that he needed some money and he asked me -- I don't know exactly how much he had said, but I know at the time what I could have gave him, you know, because at certain, you know, like I said, like I told you earlier before, you know, the places where I keep money and so forth, and if I just go ahead and grab what I can grab, that's what I did. So I don't know exactly how much. I never really gave Evens -- if he asked me for 50,000, I don't give him 50,000; I give him maybe 45,000. I really never give him exactly, because me and Evens go so far back, and I know how he is. I know if I gave Evens 50,000, he may not need 50,000, right, for what he needed it for, because he was a gambler. He may take $40,000 and, you know, pay off what he got to pay and the other $10,000 he'll go over there with the guys and the other 10 and whatever and go gamble it. So I know how Evens was.

So you discounted it to what you thought he probably needed?

Right. So I never give him exactly what he asked for, you know.

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On that particular day in 2001, he calls you on the phone?


He says, "I need money."


Do you recall an approximate amount?

I don't know. Like I said, whatever it was, again, I never take him the same amount. You know, if he said 40, you know, like I say I'll bring him 35 or whatever, you know.

Well, you said when we were talking a little while ago you thought it was approximately 30, 35. Does that sound about right?

Right, right.

When he called you, where was the money at that time? Did you have to go get it or did you already have it?

No, I had to go get that.

From where?

From my ex-girlfriend's house, one of my girls, you know.

So you went to her house, you got the money. What did you put it in?

Put it in a briefcase.

Can you describe the briefcase, do you recall?

Yes. It was a burgundy leather briefcase.

You put the briefcase, you said, in the trunk of your car?

In the trunk of my car.

What were you driving at the time?

I was driving a Jag, white Jaguar, 2000.

Now when you were taking the money to Evens, at that point and time, did you know what it was for?

Not exactly, not right then, but, you know, I always knew, you know, when I was giving him money then, what it was for then.

It was for construction business?


Something related to construction?


So you knew it was something related to construction?


Okay, now when you got to TLMC, that's over on 22 Avenue, right?

Yes, sir.

Why don't you describe what happens. You didn't bring the money in right away, did you?

No, no, I didn't.

Just tell us what happened and who was there?

What happened was that when I got in there, just, actually, there was a lot of people there, whatever, but just me and Evens was there at the time in the office, you know, and, you know, Art came about, and that's when Art came about and everything.

Art came in while you and Evens were there?

Right. He came in and when he came in, I end up paging Leonard cause Evens asked me -- excuse me -- Evens asked me where was the money.

In front of Art?

Yeah, yeah, and I told him it was in the car and so I paged Leonard cause I knew Leonard was there, I seen Leonard.

You mean Leonard Johnson, right?

Right, right. So I paged Leonard on the walkie-talkie and Leonard -- so I said, "Where are you?" right, and Leonard said, "I'm in the front, front of the building." I said, "All right, cool." I said, "Look in the trunk of my car, open the trunk and bring the briefcase in," and I hit the button on my keys. The trunk opened and Leonard got the briefcase and brought it in.

So now are you in Evens's office?

Right, we're in the office now.

So it's you --

Teele and Evens, or Art.

Had Evens introduced you to Art?

Yeah, he did.

He introduced you as what, his partner?

As his partner, yeah.

And he introduced Art as just Art, or did he use the last name?

No, he -- I don't recall him saying Art Teele or anything.

Did you later learn that it was Art Teele?

Yeah, later on I learned, down the line.

So Leonard brings the money in the briefcase and gives it to you, is that correct?


What happens then?

Well, we talked for just a couple of minutes, whatever, you know, nothing about construction business or whatever. You know, we just talk because, you know, Evens is a happy person, whatever, about how things gonna happen, nothing major, whatever, you know, and I end up, like I didn't stay in there and listen to what they talking about.

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