Tales of Teele: Sleaze Stories

Male prostitutes and multiple mistresses, drug money in Gucci shopping bags, bribery and extortion conspiracies. And you thought you'd heard it all about Art Teele.

Smith stated that she is a Bahamian citizen and lives in Nassau with her three children: 1) Ruggiers Smith, a 16-year-old boy, 2) Jay McCartney, a 12-year-old girl, and 3) Charon Penn, a 4-year-old boy. Smith stated that she does, in fact, receive financial support from the children's fathers. Smith stated that she works for the Wyndham Hotel in Nassau as a massage therapist. Smith stated that while she has never worked in the United States, her company benefits allow her to stay abroad for $25 per night.

Smith stated that she met Arthur E. Teele, Jr. in 1998 through a mutual friend, Lisa Lawrence. Smith stated that she developed a friendship with Teele over the years and speaks with him over the phone on a regular basis. Smith stated that she later became intimately involved with Teele. Smith stated that she travels to Miami on an average of twice per month. Smith stated that she spends time with Teele on an average of seven to nine times per year. Smith stated that her intimate relationship with Teele ended in the early part of 2004; however, she still speaks with him on a regular basis.

According to Smith, Teele has given her approximately $10,000 over the years. Smith admitted that Teele gave her $500 in cash when she met with him briefly at the Hollywood Amtrak station. Smith stated that she met Teele's wife, Stephanie Kerr Teele, on several occasions, both here and in the Bahamas. Smith, however, believes that their marriage is an arrangement.


11:52 a.m. Detective Gonzalez observed Commissioner Teele arrive at Miami International Airport, at which time he proceeded to enter the arrival section of the airport and park his vehicle on the curb in front of American Airlines. Commissioner Teele exited his vehicle and met with a white male wearing a polo T-shirt, light blue with yellow stripes, and jeans, and with a white female, short, dark color hair, wearing a burgundy T-shirt and beige-color pants. Commissioner Teele assisted the female and the male place their baggage in the trunk of his vehicle and proceeded to enter the vehicle. Commissioner Teele was the driver, the white male entered the front passenger seat, and the female seated herself in the rear of the vehicle.

11:54 a.m.Detective Gonzalez observed Commissioner Teele, the white male, and the white female depart MIA.

1:00 p.m.Detective Gonzalez observed Commissioner Teele arrive at 2700 SW 37th Avenue, the law offices of Terminello and Terminello.

1:10 p.m. Sergeant Plasencia observed Commissioner Teele, the white male, and the white female depart the law offices of Terminello and Terminello.

1:30 p.m.Sergeant Plasencia observed Commissioner Teele arrive at the Versailles Restaurant located at SW 8th Street and 36th Avenue. Commissioner Teele accompanied by the white male and the white female proceeded to enter the restaurant.

2:10 p.m.Sergeant Plasencia entered Versailles Restaurant and observed Commissioner Teele, the white female, and the white male sitting at a table having lunch, accompanied by attorney Louis Terminello and another white male between the age of 40 and 50, salt-and-pepper hair and moustache. They appeared to be having a discussion and were reviewing some documents.

Frederick Davis

Detective G. Bayas responded with this investigator to the Metro West Detention Center to interview inmate Frederick Davis. It should be noted that Detective G. Bayas took the original call from inmate Frederick Davis in which he was talking to Detective G. Bayas on an unrelated case. He advised that during the conversation, inmate Frederick Davis mentioned that he used to "date" Commissioner Teele.

Detective G. Bayas said the inmate advised that he saw a television news report in which they showed the person who he knew only as "Art" being booked into the jail. He subsequently learned that he was a politician in the City of Miami. Inmate Frederick Davis explained that he worked as a male prostitute and said that Commissioner Teele was a client who paid for approximately four or five sexual encounters on separate occasions.

These investigators met with inmate Frederick Davis (29), who is a black male. He stated he last resided at an unknown exact address on Texas Avenue, Orlando, FL. He advised that prior to that time he resided at 1513 Illinois Street, Daytona Beach. He stated that he did not have a home telephone number and added that he used different cellular telephones on a monthly basis. He was unable to provide any of his cellular telephone numbers.

According to F. Davis, he was arrested on May 26, 2003, by Sunny Isles Officer B. Schnell for minor traffic offenses. This investigator learned that he was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer among many other charges. He has been incarcerated since that time. He said that he had made contact with Detective G. Bayas regarding an unrelated case, which he was the victim of. He advised that while speaking with Detective G. Bayas, he mentioned that he had recently seen a television newscast in which one of his clients, "Art," was being brought into the jail. Detective G. Bayas told him that someone would respond to the jail to interview him regarding his client.

F. Davis went on to inform these investigators that he considered himself a transsexual prostitute. He stated that when he was not in jail, he always made himself out to look feminine. He denied having had any gender-changing surgeries. He added that although he considered himself to be female, he had no intention of removing his penis because he made "too much money" from using it in his prostitution activities.

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